Even though you come out of loss hurt, you can grow and you can learn. If we let grief shake us into being kinder human beings, we wake up to our shared humanity...And maybe, armed with all the gifts and lessons of loss, we’ll walk each step differently, more mindfully, intentionally, and deliberately. And when we choose to walk this path with our eyes focused on the gifts, they multiply.


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  • Lisa

    Don't impose your fears and regrets and expectations on your children - let them find their gifts.

  • carmel

    The depth and breadth of her wisdom and vision, her beautiful parenting, her strength.

  • Lynne

    The joy in this woman is inspiring in itself. To be around such a person is a great gift because she sets the example of what it is to live, even when grief comes. But it passes and you grow bigger as a spiritual being and better. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • Kelly

    "I will never give up on love...because maybe they weren't ready."

  • Steph

    I love her smile and her laugh is contagious! Her zest for life!

  • Diana

    What a beautiful and inspiring message. Indeed the gift we share is our selves.

  • Chantell

    thank you, what a beautiful message, and great reminder to be present. the greatest gift we can give to our children is to share the message that they must be happy for themselves!

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  • Allow your losses to open your eyes to the "present," the gifts right here, right now. And then, turn around and share the gift of your opened heart with those around you.

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