This amazing film, winner of the 2022 Academy Award for Best Documentary (short subject), shares the story of Lusia "Lucy" Harris, a pioneer of women's basketball. Harris talks of her love of basketball from childhood with her characteristic good humor and humility. Criticized for her height, basketball helped her to view that as an asset. She led her college team to three national women's basketball championships, competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and she was the first woman officially drafted by the National Basketball Association. Lusia Harris died in January 2022, but her legacy of helping to bring women's basketball to the fore lives on.


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  • Melanie Deason

    Title IX changed my life, because for me it allowed equal access in music. Marching band is considered a sport also. As an 8th grader I'd made All-City Band, as the youngest girl ever in my hometown of El Paso, TX; and then All-State Band as a sophomore in the great state of Texas. It was a real honor because there was lots of competition. Before Title IX, I was limited, and my dream was almost lost. I could be a drum majorette and legally wear a skimpy outfit, throw a baton in the air, and twirl and jump - but by law, I wasn't allow to 'direct' nor lead the band on the football field as a drum major - BECAUSE I WAS A GIRL. But in 1971 that changed - for me and other young girls - for the better. It's now over 50 years later. Time for the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified!

  • Kevin

    Great story, there is a lot of pain in her or was in her and she is great a true WINNER the way she overcame so much, everyone should know who she is all women and men who play ball!

  • Stephanie McClellan

    I love the apparent joy of living that made her sparkle. Her great skill, but her honesty about Bipolar was also faced head-on. She shared her whole life with us. Her pride in herself, her kids… so down to earth and yet so great!

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