Being your True Self is the hope of many, but it can be scary too. How often do we sabotage ourselves from living into the truest expression of who we are because we are afraid? We worry that we do not really have what it takes to be our authentic selves. Michael Canfield had achieved the heights of being a musician, yet he went into a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviors due to his avoidance of painful memories. What he learned is shown in this film. He says that being free means facing yourself so that you can let go of what holds you back and become all that you dream of being. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” became a living statement for him even when he did not like what he saw. Facing himself allowed him to heal and to enter into the fullness of life and of his giftedness as a musician. His story is a lesson for anyone hoping to find their way to freedom by letting go.


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  • Listen to more of Michael Canfield's music here. 
  • Practice ways to heal wounds of the past and let go of what is holding you back from being free. 
  • Try looking in the mirror today and seeing with love and compassion the you who is there--both the wounds and the joys you carry around. Let go of what keeps you from being free and realizing the good in life. 

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