A large part of being alive is feeling emotions. It is a blessing to be aware enough of that which goes on inside us. All emotions are valuable and can teach us profound lessons if we are willing to see them in this way. And, emotions do not define who we are at our essence. We can choose how we react to them. We can choose to feed the dark sides of these emotions that only breed more darkness. Or we can choose to use these emotions as a compass pointing us towards our light.


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  • Tara Brach shares a loving meditation process for becoming deeply present to our emotional selves. Learn more about RAIN: Recongnize, Allow, Investigate, Nuture.
  • Share the stories of our shared humanity from the wonderful people at Green Renaissance films.
  • Feel the best and most beautiful parts of your life, your very own emotional experiences, deeply and lovingly. Walk through your day allowing the deeply feeling part of you to encounter the deeply feeling parts of those you encounter.

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