As the child of Holocaust survivors and a World War II refugee herself, peace builder Georgette Bennett was stunned by the human toll and tragedy of the Syrian civil war. She got to work, bringing together historical enemies to build an aid pipeline from Israel to Syria -- a feat many considered impossible, but she and her organization -- the Multi-faith Alliance for Syrian refugees -- has since helped millions. Through this inspiring story of unlikely partnership, Bennett shares three steps for creating change and invites all of us to take action when we see someone in need.


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  • Diana

    Outstanding! What beautiful stories filled with hope and community wisdom.

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  • Learn more about the many ways that you can assist the work of the Multi Faith Alliance for Syrian Refugees. 
  • Watch this 5 minute video from UNICEF to see a Syrian refugee camp from the children's viewpoint. 
  • Is there a situation or person in need in your own community to whom you could apply Bennett's 3 step process? By applying her pragmatic steps to find an entry point, find a gap and do something to fill it, we can all be the change we wish to see.

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