Tracey Schmidt performs her poem Shrine, an evocative poem about love, about self, and about fitting into the world. Her whole being becomes a shrine through which divisions between herself and the rest of the world recede and "then the love fits perfectly," and her life shines brilliantly.


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  • Dr. Abbas

    Not everyone can express her way. She has portrayed her inner self as the real divine magnanimity that can not fit every where in this world but in the heart of oneself only because she wants to keep herself as big as she thinks she is...that is how she starts worshipping her heart like a shrine...she wants to keep high things high...

  • Toni

    The words are exquisite and Tracy looks like she is 'found'. Inspired me to seek more of her work, which I just did and found 'Enough'. Feels like she looked inside me. Wonderful to see our connectiveness. Love her expressions. I'm a fan now.

  • Diana

    This was beautiful, simple, and elegant! Thank you!

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