On a quest for music and mythologies with roots deep enough to address the climate crisis, composer Duncan Neilson stumbled upon a reawakening of wonder. He shares his transformative journey in this talk. A journey that interweaves the voices of biomusic, and electronica, with a new look at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Can the voices of seals swimming and vocalizing under Antarctic ice, the sounds of whales, a screech owl, bird song, the sounds of leaves and trees in the wind, and the human heart beat, change the current story? Will it wake us up?


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  • Dianne

    "There is no more 'away..." Wow

  • julie

    ....the story has to change, thank you 🎶

  • Tisha

    Maybe integrating other species music with human will facilitate awareness that we are all of the same intelligence and lead us to treat all life as our family.

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