"Silence is the residue of fear," says poet, teacher and activist Clint Smith. Even so, he encourages his students and listeners of his TED talks to have the courage to risk taking a stand when it would be easier to remain silent. If we do not use our voices to reach out to others, we may become numb to our own inner voice and our conscience. The danger of saying nothing in the face of injustice is the loss of our agency to make a difference. Silence in the face of others' suffering results in a loss of our humanity. We need to speak up and use our voice to help make the world a better place with the power of our words.


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  • Cat

    Everything! His courage and bravery.

  • Margaret

    After watching this video I was reminded of 2 aphorisms. "Silence is golden" but only to an extent. When we do decide to speak we must "choose our words wisely".

  • Diana

    Excellent! Thank you Clint! A practical reminder that we all can do a small thing and it would change the world!!! Speaking truth is an art and takes courage and practice!

  • Jesse

    I’m thinking of this courageous voice, encouraging us to “speak truth to power” and name out loud, bullying behaviors and bullies

  • Jasvinder Kaur

    So touching to hear and what intelligence! Dare I say I was left speechless for a moment.You an amazing and an attention grabbing speaker. Yes, voice it out.👏 👌

  • Cindy

    So well said, both content and delivery. Great speaker.

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  • Read more about how using your voice can help the world to a better place. 
  • Use your voice in art, the written word and body language to tell others what you are feeling and how you want to change the world.  
  • Can you use your voice to make a positive difference in someone's life today? Call and ask how they are, offer to help someone, write a letter to a representative on an issue of importance, give someone a hug or mail a card to someone in need today.

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