In the fall of 1987, Polly Simpkins met a man on the midnight train from Copenhagen to Amsterdam who shared with her his philosophy of life which focused on appreciating the people we love in this world. Cup of Karma was born to spread this message by bringing together Polly's love of people and her love of tea. Tea brings people together and Cup of Karma hosts events at which storytellers share the story of one person in their lives who has influenced them. There is good karma in every cup of tea and shared stories of appreciation and celebration of the special people in our lives who have touched us through love and learning.


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  • Kate

    Such a lovely simple idea. Sitting down, taking time and paying attention to each other.. I hope it works as well with coffee and cake... am inspired to try !

  • Noel Rodrigues

    Indeed a brilliant way to build positivity in our lives. With so much of negativity existing around us (hate,violence,natural calamities etc) our minds get auto tuned to pickup the negative wavelengths of past events in our life leading to anxiety, hatred, depression etc. Cup of Karma warms us to a new reality and get us to sip on all the good experiences of the past resulting in a change not only in our perception within but also bring a sense of calm and acceptance without..

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I love this so much, the honoring of her mother, the sharing of stories of those who've influenced us in a tea community setting.♡ My experience as a Storyteller and a Narrative Therapy Practitioner is: in sharing stories each story then may inspire those listening to recall someone who influenced their own lives. I used to do Tell Me Something Good Tuesday on Facebook live, for 3 years every Tuesday was an opportunity shared to share something good in one's life. Often this was also highlighting people from whom we received a kindness or encouragement or who'd influenced our lives. I just love this & now want to get back to posting more of this type share♡♡♡

  • Ramesh Shah

    It is Innovative, Intimate way to share & inspire

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  • Be inspired by the Cup of Karma website. 
  • Learn more about tea as the great connector
  • Host your own tea and storytelling event where guests share stories about a special person in their lives, in a spirit of love and appreciation. 

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