Love is what we are all looking for in life, isn't it? To love as our true selves and to be loved for who we truly are. Yet so many of us struggle to be our authentic selves, so we end up being unable to connect deeply with others. We most often interact with the world from our roles and our persona. This film explores how one person is learning how to become free to be herself. Like Siti Nur Iman in this film, we can stop judging ourselves and others by seeing beyond roles, responsibilities and expectations. When we are our authentic selves, we can feel less confused and alone. Overcoming our fears is what allows the magic of life and love to find us. Love doesn't always have to be the romantic, "stars in your eyes" kind of love to be real and life-giving. Love comes in many forms - through family, friends, in the spiritual life, through nature and animals, and yes, the romantic kind of love as well. What is most important is that in the experience of living and loving we allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable as the unique person that we are without pretense or expectation. If we can be willing to offer our gift of love to the world in our own special way, we will find ourselves and help others find themselves too. In this journey of life and love, it might often seem that we are all lost together but we can find ourselves too.


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  • Lou Ann

    How she shared her truth so beautifully - Inspiring us to be our True Selves, expressing LOVE in our most genuine way!

  • Jo-Neal

    What a beautiful video with a LOVEly message. Whoever you are your voice is like an angel. Thank you!

  • Christina Preiss

    I’d love to buy your beautiful music, is that possible. Not sure of your name. Are you on utube.

  • Fran

    Your voice, your emotional honesty, YOU! So, so poignant. We are all mosaics that are gradually bleeding into one sense of self.... I think I'm there. But I'm much older than you. Blessings for a beautiful life. Keep singing.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Oh to be loved by a parent so one can love oneself, all the parts. Even if all the parts are not always understood. Beautiful. I carry with me 'lost together' because I agree, in some ways, all of us are. Hugs from my heart to yours! PS. You have a gorgeous singing voice, thank you for sharing your gift!

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  • Listen to this poem "Breathe" about getting back to your true self and becoming comfortable with being who you are. 
  • Ask yourself four basic questions to discover more about your purpose in doing what you do.
  • As you go through your day, notice when you are being your beautiful, free and authentic self and rest there as you move into the next moment. 

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