In this short documentary, filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer profiles Elijah Staley (known to many as Carolina Slim) and Jeremiah Lockwood. The duo began busking together in the mid-nineties, and performed old-style rural Piedmont blues for 12 years. "I gave him the opportunity to practice what he knew," says Staley of his much younger counterpart. While filming this documentary, Schweitzer captured the very last time the two would play music together—Staley passed away in February of 2014.


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  • elza

    stunning, awesome, love it. Great music

  • Steve Setera

    Awesome partners! Soul Brothers!

  • david feldman

    EVREYTHING1 That was beautiful

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Love their intergenerational friendship and musical understanding and respect of each other. Thank you! Mmm, 'he would give me credit' < so important! Oh what elders can teach us and youth too, if we open up and let them♡♡♡♡

  • Al

    The old time blues connects, informs and inspires. This short film demonstrates the healing power of music. Long live the spirit of Elijah and Jerimiah!

  • Diana

    Nice.I love stories like that !

  • Mish

    A special meeting on The Path…for both of them 🙏 “I gave him the opportunity to practice what he knew” ….a humble, beautiful comment by Elijah.

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