Become a kid again! Imagine building a soapbox car; anything you could dream up and build. And then getting to ride it downhill being cheered all the way down. Produced in collaboration with Stink Studios, "Duct Tape and Dreams: Reviving the Soapbox Derby at McLaren Park" captures the creativity, collaboration, and exuberance of everyone who participated — and, of course, all that exciting downhill action!


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  • Elza

    It looks like so much fun to create art for having fun with it. Tahnk you for the video and sharing it.

  • Lilith

    And What creativity and energy went into those who filmed and edited this video.....Thank YOU!!!

  • Lilith

    The amazing creativity and energy these folks put into their crazy creations!!! What FUN!! Wish I'd been there!!!

  • Patrick Watters

    Zany and delightful…just like our City By The Bay which has brought us Bay To Breakers fun run and Beach Blanket Babylon too. 😉🤣

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