The animated film “Home Sweet Home” has won many international awards for the artistic use of computer animation to tackle themes such as family, home, friendship, adventure, and death. The film tells the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey. An interesting feature is that the homes which animate the story were designed using images of abandoned buildings in Detroit. The story is set in a universe where humans no longer exist. Questions such as what is home and where do we find a sense of community in the places we live... these questions are experienced through the emotion and personality of the 4-walled characters as they set out on a journey across incredible landscapes on the quest of life.


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  • Takako

    This is amazing and my best animation of my entire life. How expressive emotions through buildings like a young house/an old garage/a doghouse! Each has their own characters. Caring/helping with each other through their journey and a doghouse is a connector. The whole story is well written. Even Garage could not survive through the enormous storm, Blue House tried to keep warm Garage using his sidings. After Garage died, still Blue House and Doghouse kept moving forward. Very touching and it is a brilliant idea to use houses to express human life. It is very beautiful in details and how they move, express emotions, and sounds, all come together as one. I have watched this over and over again and never get bored. A journey of three Houses give me joy and warmth. Thank you very much!

  • Connie

    We lost our home and community in the Lahaina fire. I saw this film as a reason to move forward. Getting over the loss has been hard since it was our home for over 30 years and our neighbors were family. We are trying to form a new community and it is working however the going is slow. Like the speed of traveling houses.

  • Graciela

    so beaautiful and profound--- breaking free from convention inspires me!!

  • Nancy

    Thank you so, I live in the City of Homes - Many Houses empty -could home families! Home is where the heart IS. I have known homelessness. Had to find my inner home thru forgiveness. And forgive others blind eyes/deaf ears ignoring the plight of others. We all must work to assure others dwell in safety that is love and peace. Many Blessings and great gratitude to all.

  • Gabriela

    This computer animation really shows not only how those who do not have a home struggle but also the strong friendships they form with the unhouse community. Thank you for sharing it. It is a very moving short.

  • Derianna

    So precious and poignant in what family means. Caring for others is important. Help and service is what makes one good.

  • Peggy

    Love of our home whatever that may be...

  • Nancy

    we're all on a Journey home. Sometimes we have other s that join us along the way with their own stories and struggles, lets do our best to comfort one another along the way.

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  • Consider what having a home means to those who have struggled to find a place to live. 
  • Explore tips for making your house more of a home.
  • Look at the houses and buildings in your neighborhood as if they were people, and imagine what stories they would tell, the adventures they would take, or the care that they need to fulfill their potential.

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