In this talk, writer, activist and artist Ari Honarvar introduces the mindful practice of savoring joy. Describing her childhood in wartime Iran, Honorvar says, "We were attacked from the outside and from within. There was an actual war, with daily funerals, random bombings, and missile attacks... And then there was a war on Joy that hurt in a different way... When there is a war on Joy there is also a war on people's coping mechanisms." When faced with hardship,  experiencing joy is a superpower of resilience. Through her background in providing workshops for refugees, she explains how to incorporate savoring pleasant moments in order to improve our well-being, even in the toughest environments.


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  • Margaret

    This talk reminded me that to savour joy I need to slow down and practice awareness. When I live my life on "automatic" I am denying myself the chance to be joyful.

  • Diana Turner-Forte

    An important message by which many can benefit! Expressing joy no matter what. Thank you.

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  • Get to know Ari and her vision for how music and movement and joy can provide the sanctuaries human souls need in tough times.
  • Discover how to savor the good things in life and share them with others.
  • Take some time to create an inner sanctuary of joy for yourself. Even better, get together with others and create a shared space of time to savor joy with others.

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