The film "An Island off An Island," explores the lives of Jenene Oates and John Bullock who have carried on for 20 years living a simple life together in Bruny -- an island off the island of Tasmania, at the bottom end of Australia. The film gently explores the benefits and challenges of living a simple life on an island. What is revealed is how much we are all missing when we fill our lives with the distractions of modern life that erode our need for inner creativity as well as community to fulfill our days. Jenene and John demonstrate how modern technology and conveniences are not in and of themselves wrong but may lead us astray when we overvalue quick and easy solutions to our everyday needs. Rather, there is a simple richness to be found in life by spinning a potter’s wheel, making bread, and growing a garden for food. Using the resources at hand and asking for neighborly help from within the community become blessings rather than challenges when living on an island.


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  • Even if you don't live on an island, consider how you can live more simply by making a few changes in your life. 
  • Learn how to grow your own food in a limited amount of space. 
  • For a few moments today, let go of distractions and set aside five minutes to simply sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature around you.

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