Filmmaker Norton Smith set out on a solo canoe journey beginning in the Northwest Territories of Canada, traveling up the Yellowknife River, across the height of land and down the Snare River to the village of Wekweeti. Part adventure film, part documentation of climate change, but mostly an account of Norton's own state of mind as his sense of being a separate entity was worn away by the vastness and beauty of the wilderness. "When we are truly connected with the earth we live with a sense of wonder that many of us have lost.  I believe it is essential to recapture the joy of that connection in order to live in peace with each other and in harmony with the earth."


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  • Embarking on healing pilgrimages is an ancient spiritual practice.
  • Get to know the YellowKnife people, the culture who welcomed both the English explorer, Hearne and generations later, Norton Smith.
  • What journey, inner or outer, is calling you? What Source do you need to return to? What needs honoring? What needs transmuting? Is there a way for you to make a start?

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