It is easy to think that because a problem isn't happening in our neighborhood, it isn't a problem for us, yet the study of coastal ecosystems shows us how much we all depend upon the health of coastlines everywhere for the Earth to be healthy anywhere. With this in mind, the green energy company Orsted has embarked on a seascape restoration project in the UK to restore biodiversity-rich ecosystems and coastal habitats that are critical in our fight against climate change. The Humber Estuary is one of the most important natural features in the UK. But decades of pollution and commercial development have resulted in the decline of precious habitats, such as sand dunes, salt marsh, seagrass, and native oysters. These habitats are unsung heroes in our fight against climate change. Orsted has teamed up with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to restore these habitats and improve the health and resilience of the estuary’s ecosystem.


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  • Barbara

    I really appreciate the caring, hard work and effort that people put into redressing the imbalance of nature so selfishly created by our actions. It's wonderful and reassuring to know this is happening.

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  • Learn more about the efforts to save this essential ecosystem.
  • Using this interactive tool, visualize how global coastlines may be altered due to climate change. 
  • What small step can you take today to decrease your carbon output and protect our coastlines by using less energy?

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