2012 CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet found her calling when she was still a student in social work in Nepal. While visiting a women's prison as an assignment for one of her classes, she felt a tug on her shawl and a little girl smiled at her from behind bars - a child living with her mother in prison. That image haunted Pushpa until she graduated, and she started a daycare in the morning for children aged 2-4. A few years later, she started a residential home for the older children - those older than 6 - so that they could go to school and live "normal" lives while visiting their mothers on holidays. "My mission is to make sure that no child grows up behind prison walls," she says.


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  • sandra hastings

    It tugged at my heart it is amazing when the lord speaks to you & you listen she is truly a blessing I can't imagine children living in jail..

  • Diana

    One person can change the lives of many, with the loving touch of the Gods working thru Puspa hands, touching not only those babys young lives with smiles, freedom and love... it also helps the tormented Mothers that are behind bars...working on the wings of the spirits of the Gods..what a blessing

  • patricia neild

    Pushpa's commitment to giving children insight into a 'different life' she truly is angel


    Puspa, what a great spirit you have? People said crazy to you, May God choose me to be crazy like you. You don't need to struggle for paradise, you are in paradise already. God Bless You n your mission. PAUL.

  • Admin

    Joyce - you can find out how to support Pushpa's work via the Early Childhood Development Center website: http://ecdcnepal.org/newportal/support/ or you can contact them to find out what kind of support they'd like: http://ecdcnepal.org/newportal/contact-us/

  • Joyce

    how can we offer some support to her?

  • Sundi

    Such a beautiful spirit she is. And how blessed are the children in her care. I have goose bumps. Bless you, Pushpa Basnet.

  • Terry

    It has taken me decades to understand how important it is to give back. For such a young woman to be inspired to help and give is heartening. A thousand blessings on Pushpa and her little charges....

  • Margarit

    I wish we could all be like you. This was an awesome story!

  • Maya

    Just the simple act of seeing a need and meeting it with love and creativity. Imagine if we all did that. Every need would be met. There are enough of us to do this.

  • Susan McCauley

    Pushpa Basnet's Compassion and Creative Action is worthy of emulation. Much gratitude to her for her willingness to step up to a difficult issue and be led by higher laws.

  • Deborah

    Pushba, I would like to say Thank you for what you do for the children, you're doing a beautiful job!:)

  • Lisa

    Her inner knowing of what she had to do for these children. The response of the children to her and how much they care for her. It is beautiful and of course her tenacity and strength to keep pushing forward

  • Ralph

    What a champion... and filled with Joy. I honor Pushpa and her mission.

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  • Learn more about the aspirations of Pushpa Basnet's Early Childhood Development Center and Butterfly Home in serving more children of prisoners in Nepal.
  • This study of a complicated issue suggests some guidelines in drafting legislation, regulations, policies and programs regarding babies and small children in prisions.
  • Become a Big Sister or Big Brother and help expand the horizons of a child with limited means.

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