A film by be japy.

This sweet film is a heartwarming story of compassion and creativity. By using the universal power of music, walls are brought down to expose a universal issue. It also highlights the ability we all have to bring about change, simply by making a positive difference to someone's day.


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  • Cathay

    I did not analysis this. They did something which is better than nothing.

  • Barb

    How music can make everyone a little kinder.

  • Ann

    Impressed that the student asked the guy for the bucket, didn't just sit down and use him to make a point. Not impressed that the other two didn't even make eye contact, patting themselves on the back as they left without saying good-by either. If it was a set up, perhaps they thought that was what people passing by would expect; but they could have changed that by speaking to the guy as though he was not an example of suffering humanity but just another guy like them. Nice impulse, may it lead them to further activism and loving interactions.

  • Petunia

    Maybe what all said is true. But it's a great idea nonetheless. Maybe the trio will continue out on the streets. And keep us informed. I like the what, go pro shoot? Keep the ideas and the process coming.

  • Tomas

    People look but don't see. Point: the man's trolley was brand new... if he was really homeless he's only been living on the street for a few days... Bad prop dept. The mother and two kids are shills. Its obvious to me that they had been qued by the crew to send the kids over and give money.

  • Tomas

    Sadly this is completely bogus! it was an actor playing the this man . they discuss it at their website. Why was there no disclaimer on the original post? People seem to be habituated, if not addicted to constructed reality these days. To call this self-serving rubbish would be a compliment.

  • Margaret Coles

    I was overwhelmed with love and thanks that there are souls/angels who walk among us to draw attention to the needs and comfort of others. It is so encouraging to recognize actions like this outweigh all the negativity that we encounter day to day. Non judgment and Love. It doesn't take much to trigger the right response from others. Blessings.

  • Natalie

    No judgement at all from either side ! People helping people for no reason!

  • Frank Proske

    The wisdom of the ages shown so clearly. We are from love and to love we will return. What a blessing to see love be passed along from the young musicians to the homeless brother, the the passers by. True love is infectious. Beautiful.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Lovely compassion and a beautiful intention, but I am also wondering if the man may have been a bit embarrassed with that sort of attention, especially that it was filmed. Did they get his permission to share a video that has now gone viral? As someone who stops and has conversations with homeless and shares Free Hugs and meals and listening, I believe we also need to be deeply aware of what we are offering and is it what is needed/wanted. I do think these students had a lovely intention and they were most certainly kind.

  • ivana

    ..Very nice moment of compassion.. it did inspire. ..it put tears in my eyes.. I recognized the place, it's Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg :) The homeless guy also had tears in his eyes, and perhaps he won some strength knowing, he matters.

  • Sherry

    I was moved to tears. This reminds me of a lesson I learned when reading from a church leader's talk. He said that we are here to do God's work, not our own. We help others not for our own gain, but to bring to pass the work and glory of God. We need this compassion and charity in our world today.

  • ruth

    sharing time with others

  • judith

    the beautiful faces, the pause in the day to share happiness, the message: "welcome!"

  • Annamarie

    Simple, sincere, human and the tragedy of the homeless man looking almost bewildered by such kindness.

  • Muhammad ABRAR Qureshi

    Really very motivational and ponderable -- a real source of inner happiness -- helping aptitude -- is highly admired in the God's book.

  • Tanner

    Made me cry tears of joy. And, reminds me of the importance of showing kindness to all. Beautiful!

  • Patricia A Chittendon

    There is always hope to be found no matter what country we live it. Great message and many thanks for your work here.

  • Chris

    What a wonderful evening example,of giving and sharing. Without fanfare. Simple and beautiful. Blessings to these students!

  • Wijesinghe A Gamini

    Actually this is the art of living happily those who are suffering stress, depression and boring life.

  • Susan Lerner

    Confirms my belief. We were put here to help people or hurt people. Let's ALL of us help people.

  • Deepak

    Inspiring and touched . Thank you .

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys!!!! Peace thru art...We'll how bout' that!!!! 1Earth

  • Steve Ellis

    Very inspiring and so simple filled with sincerity! Seeing things like this renews my faith in God. It is not institutions we should hold up but each other because we are being watched.

  • Semora McCampbell

    Beautiful video....reminded me to be more mindful and aware of others and that: one small gift from me and can make a huge impact on another person...to stay in a place of love and compassion for others

  • SunDevil Country

    ...really enjoyed...the expressions of the homeless person was super kewl.....now here in the U.S.....we have to take care of our homeless/not by choice Veterans...in Arizona we give through our various charity non profit organizations...American Legion...Moose Lodge...and churches throughout the valley....they rock~~~~~

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Oh! I absolutely loved it. It inspired me to stop and to take note of the lesser people. The forgotten people. God is good.

  • becky jaine

    butterflies in my tummy as i watched this beauty blossom... thank you.

  • Lainey

    Touching others as we go about our day ~ Helping others in a very meaningful way! It takes so little effort to show others that we care ~ All we need to do is take the time to share!

  • Andrew

    the humanity.....and being in another country to see that there is a movement that is happening all over....we are all the same....we all need each other to make through

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  • Check out this video from the producers for an insight into the making of this film.
  • Homelessness is a global issue. Check out Habitat for Humanity, who envision "a world where everyone has a decent place to live". They are always keen for volunteers so put your expertise to work.
  • Be The Change and Be Japy! Check out their facebook page and join the movement.

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