Drilling wells, creating sustainable vegetable gardens, computer programs, skills trainings and HIV/AIDS education: these are just a few of the ideas Leslie Temple-Thurston had to uplift a community in South Africa. Despite this, her efforts to date have less to do with what she's done and more with the love and compassion with which she's done it.


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  • Connie

    I like what you said, "Its a profound symbol of bridging and intergrating that needs to happen in the world." If this were to indeed happen to the world then there would be no more wars, no more racism, and a lot more love.

  • Kellyann

    A brilliant and heart opening display of limitless possibility. Thank you Brad.

  • Peter Michael Dedes

    Integrating a state of consciousness with purpose, prescence and reason is truly inspirational and is a calling to those that can respond.

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  • Learn about Seeds of Light.

  • Work to create upliftment in your own community: offer skills, put on a music program, or plant a vegetable garden for the benefit of those around you.

  • Show caring and concern on a daily basis for those around you.

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