When Karen Armstrong won a prize to do anything she wanted, she created a "Charter for Compassion" to bring together voices from all religions and backgrounds and remind the world that while all faiths are not the same, they all share the core principle of compassion and the Golden Rule. In this moving video, Karen and many other friends lay out a beautiful narrative as an invitation into this collective inquiry.


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  • nadine

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we heard reinforcement of the golden rule on a daily basis on the tv. We here so much negitive thoughts there. My mother who has been gone for 30 years alwsys use to say, "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative,latch on to the affirmitive and don't mess with Mr. in between." also an old song. I think your video is wonderful and also reinforces an other saying my mother use to say. "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" she didn't even finish high school, but she always had a lot of common sense and integrity. I have a daily calendar turned to a quote by Albert Camus, "integrity has no need of rules." which to me means do the right thing, which reinforces the Golden Rule. thank you for your work!!! God bless you,Nadine

  • Arlan Berglas

    The PIF Movement is so impressed with the vidfeo, we have highlighted it on our websitewww.aunitedworld.org/charter.asp

  • Jack Ives

    Great video. I belong to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Monmouth County, NJ and every Thanksgiving we put on a free concert the Sunday before. It consists of every religious order coming to out meetinghouse and performing their art in dance, music and song. It is called "United We Sing" and it always shows the audience that we are more alike than different.

  • Guri

    This is a great video, we need to hear these stories now more than ever. Thanks Karmatube team for posting!

  • Arlan Berglas

    Fantastic Video! Director of Global Development Pass It Forward Movement www.passforward.org

  • Fuzzy

    This is wonderful. This is what the Art of Living Foundation is also doing for over 26 years. Check outwww.artofliving.org and experience a PART 1 Course. E-volution is about energy management. Our own internal energy. In-vironment is no different from our En-vironment. Start at Home (Oneself) and move ourward. Be natural, for we are abnormal. Every one is different and cannot be the same normal! Intelligence with Innocence is perhaps wise at this time. All possibilities exist. Love, Fuzzy

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  • Join a community of world-wide voices that are co-creating this charter of compassion.
  • Share a story of how compassion moved you.  And read about what others have said.
  • Host a circle of friends to talk about the power of the Golden Rule.

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