Composer turned filmmaker Kurt Kuenne calls it "a fable about the magic of free parking." A short film about one parking attendant named Hugh Newman is really the story of small acts of goodness and everyday smiles that is sure to bring every viewer into spirit of holiday cheer.


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  • premashakti

    This video is fantastic and should be watched by everyone! A smile is free, easy to give and pass along and our planet needs more smiles. Thank you for making me smile when I really needed it and reminding me to keep smiling.

  • trishia gooding

    What inspired you about this video? made me smile

  • naveenkanth

    smile validation.even i want....?

  • Realist

    try telling the opposite sex that they "have nice cheek bones" and see if they react the same way. What happened when he did not offer praise? They no longer accepted him. And the lady who found out how to make people smile by telling them that are great without knowing them, she used this skill to make money. And that my friends is the honest truth.

  • Ana

    I lost count of how many times I have watched this video and passed it on, because it is worth, it makes me believe that we can all change the world one smile at a time, one act of kindness at a time.

  • Tracy

    Check it out. Is long, cheesy, and ood!

  • amy

    I've just been practicing positive validation with some friends, and it's really magical. How great to come across this video just now!

  • Sam

    GREAT ! He's really great, he made me smile and even cry for joy :) Thanks

  • ????

    this video was very bad.... BOO

  • Greg Tehven

    I stopped working for a few minutes on this Friday afternoon...what a great way to end the week!!! Thank you DailyGood for passing this along. -greg

  • RA

    loved it!

  • Roberta

    This was so cute and touching. I want all my friends to see it!

  • Dawn

    Wow. These days, everyone could use some kind words and gestures. People have become so busy that they fail to see all of the wonderful things going on all around them. Thanks for reminding all of us that happiness can come in the smallest of packages!

  • Karen

    I'm home on medical leave for a few days because of depression and this video made me smile, really smile, for the first time in a long time. Thank you Kurt.

  • Sallie

    Wouldn't if be great if everyone would try be as nice as Kurt Kuenne, even 50% of the time.

  • Simon

    Just what we need for the current credit crunch situation! Sadam Hussain's clip was the best!

  • Rajesh

    Wonderful. Brilliant...

  • karthik

    just so awesome reminded me of myself a few years ago when someone went nutty till I smiled - today I can't stop grinning! :-)

  • DL

    This is fantastic. What an amazingly positive use of storytelling and great filmmaking. I could use dozens more shows like this. Thanks for doing it.

  • Shanmugavel

    One of the moving video made me feel for the days lost by not smiling enough... Thanks for being a part of the change

  • Rick

    Thank you so much, what a wonderful way to end my day with a smile.

  • Ashley

    That really makes you wanna smile just thinking about a person telling you those things :) A great film, should be an award winner film, but of tons of awards! Really brilliant. Thanks for making it and to the people who particpated in it.... EACH and EVERYONE :D

  • arti

    wow! that 's a real mood maker, inspiring, soul refreshing video and much more.

  • Linda

    I loved it!!

  • MC

    Not only is the message true...and somehting I practice but it is a most inpsiring short film. Too bad box office film makers and TV producers don't "Sell" positiviness like this.... THANKS!

  • Jeff

    This was wonderful, and I think it's... true :)

  • Toby

    Great Karma!! Great messsage and very inspiring!! Thanks Karen.

  • Abdul

    This is one of the best small film I have ever seen, very inspiring and a great message Thank you Love Abdul : )

  • rahul

    just in one word - BRILLIANT!!:) ok, and extremely gorgeous too!!:) lovely!!:) ok, i'll go on...:)

  • teresa

    now that's great karma

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