Musician Matisyahu is the personification of harmony. He is a Hasidic Jewish musician from New York City known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock, and hip-hop sounds. He pushes musical boundaries by incorporating a variety of genres to create unique sounds with deep messages that aim to unite and uplift. Matisyahu once said, "All of my songs are influenced and inspired by the teachings that inspire me. I want my music to have meaning, to be able to touch people and make them think. Chassidism teaches that music is 'the quill of the soul.' Music taps into a very deep place and speaks to us in a way that regular words can't." Listen to one of his latest songs 'One Day', which he created as an anthem for hope and a source of inspiration for people struggling to open their hearts and stay positive.


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  • Steve Adams

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I listened to this 3 times in a row and it touched my heart more each time. I am so ready to express my love freely to all. May that day of opportunity shine forth for each of us on this planet. AHO

  • John Ray Gutierrez

    this video is amazing! the music, visuals man!

  • JNeubs

    I watch this video everyday and prayer to the Universe that it will come true ONE DAY! Peace, Laughter, Compassion, Love & Hope!

  • Anna S.


  • Kimberly


  • Dee Di Gioia

    Ooooohhh-so special. Love it. Beautiful sound, peaceful words.Thank you.

  • J. Fleming

    Love this so much - so inspiring to go out and make a difference.

  • debkatz

    His music resonates because of the truth it carries. We are each born to recognize truth when we hear it. That's why his music moves-not just physically, but spiritually.

  • Harris

    This "quill" inscribed a message that resonated at the deepest of levels. It enables this message to work its way closer to the surface of my soul. Blessings

  • C. Howe

    Pray that his words can come true!

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