Stephan Fayon directs the Kokopelli Seed Foundation, an international organization in South India that strives to rescue and propogate ancient seeds for vegetables, millet and wheat. The aim is to bring more local control and independence to farmers by enabling them to work with indigenous varieties of seeds rather than having to import them from large agri-businesses. This is an answer to global agriculture - a system that Fayon believes will ultimately collapse because of its dependence on hydrocarbons.


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  • tamshann

    everything about this video is so true and important! thank you Stephan Fayon and team for caring

  • tamilyn

    sooo important !!!

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  • Learn more about The Kokopelli Seed Foundation.
  • Ask yourself: what's worth saving around you?
  • Through Kokopelli, Fayon has planted 250,000 trees over the past ten years.  Make a small commitment today, and keep at it.

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