"Do you realize," sings Gretchen Lieberum, "that you have the most beautiful face? That we're floating in space? That happiness makes you cry?" With a $3000 budget, a plastic crown, a used $50 video camera and a diverse handful of Los Angelans, so begins this hauntingly beautiful cover of a 2002 song by the Flaming Lips.


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  • Meansue

    My landlord asked me to watch this...great song

  • Jason D

    Such a classic song with a wonderful message...(when I 1rst heard it, I thought the Flaming Lips were covering a Beatles out-take or a solo George Harrison song!)

  • Margreet

    Zomaar, voor jou

  • Raphael Dabora

    so simple,no ego just upward feelings and sentiments from you and me too;

  • ArunChikkop

    Do we realize? that love is here to last, that life is runnin gout so fast. Do we realize that hate can make people sad, and someone's smile can make me glad...0 Do we realize???

  • The Gun

    It could have been written by John lennon or George Harrison..........

  • CDW

    My Girl Princess wildflower Inspires Me.This So reminds me of Her..like alot of things.I do Cherish her Love.I Love you PDub

  • Magdalena

    Thanks so much Gretchen for this BEAUTIFUL song of YOURS...it went straight to my HEART...Big Embrace to You and LOTS OF LOVE AND LIGHT

  • Valerie

    I saw this at church...found it on the internet, and was grateful that I sent it to my kids. My son was killed last November, I am glad I sent it. Thank you.

  • Nancy Bailey


  • Pancho Ramos Stierle

    Do You Realize that we are in the middle of the Kindness revolution? ;-) If you want to be a rebel, be kind. Human-kind, be both.

  • Shanti

    it's the spontaneous and random people she found...that show the depth of the real and genuine people we have in this world.

  • Shanti

    it's the spontaneous and random people she found...that show the depth of the real and genuine people we have in this world.

  • Amber

    Smile, thank you.

  • Kelle

    We all wear a crown.

  • Sylvie Allen

    I have just sent this around to 241! people. As part of the Global Heart (debbieford.com) - Tell someone today that you love them. Drench them in Love!

  • Johneatta

    Thank You I love the song.

  • Neil Frye

    Hey, Yay indeed!!! How beautiful, so simple, so inspiring. Thank you Neil in Cape Town.

  • susan


  • Cory

    What an awesomelife story that video had to share. Thank you.

  • leah

    thank you....

  • Padatha

    this is absolutely amazingly beautiful and touching and awesome! I sent the link to everyone I could! Beautifully done. thank you!

  • Jacqui

    I loved it. My mo sent this to me whihc made it even more special. What a beautiful message. If you werent smiling before you watched it you had to be after!!!!! Her voice was so soothing and soft...everything about it was awesome!!!!

  • Sara Cook

    so simple yet so beautiful.

  • Cher


  • Firebird55

    A fantastic voice and a beautiful message that should be broadcast all over the United States..for we all have beautiful faces, and we all should realize that each and every person is a member of the magnaficant gift of LIFE..I hope more people listen and see this video and whether it is sharing a crown or a smile the message is clear we need to reach out and touch somebodies hand , make it a better palce , which we can can!!!!

  • Scarlet

    Positively beautiful. I love the Flaming Lips version and this one certainly does it justice. I think Wayne Cohn would approve!

  • KJB

    When the sun goes down for each of us personally, it is just an illusion for others to watch, as the sunset. We are floating in space like the sun and will never really die but will continue on in a different place, a different space. Amazing symbolism, subtle yet powerful...

  • choclet peye

    Lately I can't seem to be bothered with listening to music, but this song has made me realise there is alot of music that can make me feel like myself but better, and I just need to look for it. Thank you everyone.

  • lydia

    Wow!! what a great message to the world. That song will put everyone back to reality... and it is so beautifully sung - I am so touched by it right now that my heart feels extreme sorrow - It should be shared even more internationnally - Well done

  • Paul Doucette

    Do you realize, what a needed medicine this is, in our world, and our society. Kudos to all of you for a love well done. Aloha, Paul

  • DanaDew

    I am having difficulty coming up with the words to describe how deeply this video and music touched me. Do you realize....how BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL Gretchen's message is? (Heavy Sigh)

  • Ragu

    One of the Kings in this video tips the crown! While tipping the hat is a gesture of politeness, tipping the crown takes it to another level - that leadership and beauty are privileges bestowed upon one by others and must be acknowledged. And I love that this person does it spontaneously as if it is the most natural thing to do. Thanks for this video.

  • Flipper

    All I can say is 'Awesome' nothing else could give this video, music and message justice! WOW! 'Flipper'

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  • "Do You Realize?" was released with no art work, no band, and no press release. Honor the power of small.
  • Take time to realize exactly what you have, at exactly this moment.

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