He wanted to work in the Silicon Valley, she in Africa. And one day, Jessica and Matt Flannery hatched the idea of marrying one wish to the other. How? By creating a website that would permit everyday citizens to make small loans to entrepreneurs in Africa and in developing countries elsewhere. To test out their idea, the couple spammed their wedding list and raised more than $3000 for a handful of businesses in Uganda. Launched in 2005, Kiva--the Swahili word for unity--has since helped disperse over 11 million dollars to business-owners in 36 countries, through loans as little as 25 bucks.


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  • Make a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country through Kiva.
  • Learn more about the Kiva journey and the lessons learned.
  • "There's the currency of money, and then there's the currency of meaning," muses one Kiva staffer.  Contemplate the relationship between these currencies in your own life. How might one might intersect with the other?

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