What if we can settle all our disagreements through a form of expression that captivates rather than destroys? This distinctive style of street dancing, known as 'Turf dancing', has been promoted as a means of dispute resolution within the Oakland community. It incorporates and harmonizes all types of styles, from break dancing to popping and ballet...showing us that real respect can be commanded through skill and creativity, rather than fists and guns.


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  • bill

    Amazing artistry

  • shamin

    Blew my mind... wow wow wow

  • Pat

    Wow! Did Attitudinal Healing play a part in this? I hear it's strong in Oakland.

  • Krishan

    they are amazing dancers and they were engaging with heart, body mind and soul -- you have to be fully present to move like that!

  • Leesa

    What inspired you about this video? I read this on a bathroom stall and thought it was quite brilliant "dance through life and peace will find you" and what do you know - here it is! How'd they do that???????

  • Tony Cuckson

    These guys are naturals. It is so lovely to see these images especially of young men having fun and being so wonderfully unique in their ability to express themselves. Rave on.

  • Liesl

    Favorite video ever!

  • Wendy Clifford

    Just the coolest thing I have seen all week!

  • Nigel Booth

    It never ceases to impress me when individuals allow themselves to go ‘Beyond the Mask’ that they wear and use their natural ability to express their individuality to the world.” It’s not what we think, it’s not what we say but it is what we do that defines us”. Let me know if you come to England guys, I work with young people who I know they would love to do some workshops with you. Complete respect.

  • louise

    It is great to see young people with so much talent and passion, it made my heart flutter, keep the dream alive

  • Alvelia Antillon

    Great to see young mind connecting in Soul and Spirit, how they create to the Universe their ability to Be!

  • arunchikkop

    Dance is a Universal Laungage. You are doing a great job to bring communites and people to each other. GREAT JOB GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • Penny

    I am absolutely in awe!These young men are phenoms their talents needs to be shared with us.I hope they form a dance company and travel through out the world.The passion I felt in their dance I would pay to see,please come to Tennessee.

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  • Create your own personal movement towards a nonviolent culture. Think of one way you can incorporate less violence in your life -- through actions, words, or thoughts.

  • Read more about street dance styles, like turfing and krumping, that promote nonviolence and an alternative to gang life for many youth.

  • Help a friend or family member who is going through a difficult or frustrating situation. How can you help them channel their negative feelings into creative, thoughtful expression?

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