In 1992, Derek Redmond was running the race of his life -- the 400-meter dash at the Summer Olympics. In the previous Olympics, he was forced to withdraw 10 minutes before the race due to an Achilles injury but now he was he was ready and heavily favored to medal. His father was in the stands cheering. The race began and 175 meters into it, he pulled his hamstring muscle and collapsed on the ground. As the stretchers rolled out, he refused to get on. And he started hobbling towards the finish line. The rest of the story is best seen in video. :)


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  • theresa Goodman

    His determination no matter what he had to do to get to the end

  • adel

    really inspirational video.People having such courage a determinations never get failed and indeed achive thier goals.

  • JMonroe

    He reached the finish line despite his excruciating pain. If he could do it, I can do it to - pain and all!

  • Ravindran


  • Ed

    Very inspiring...great courage!!!!!

  • adolphus

    The determination of this young man in so much pain, but he didn't stop, he kept on going. Just think about the one that has no pain an some of us give up so fast. This is so amazing. God bless this young man.

  • Dikgoshi

    It almost made me cry....... Just goes to show how much one can achieve if they face the odds head-on....... There is a lot of people out there who achieves similar spectacular results, we need to start celebrating them more and ease up with the complaining to which the generations of today seem to do all the time.........

  • Sherri

    I never received this. Always watched it happen through others. My child knows this 4 absolutely certain.

  • grandma p

    A 'wow' moment for the father who came to help, but not to help his son complete a worthwhile goal! May we always realize it may not even be our own child, but some other child of God whom we can help. Let us all walk with eyes wide open to assist where God appoints! There is much love needed in our world!

  • Shannon

    The beauty of his agony. The determination in his spirit that lifted him up and propelled him to finish.

  • An Da D'Samster

    What an inspiring video.... Derek Redmond childhood Hero!!!!!!! By the Way is there a full film of the race? This unfortunately was taken right from a phone :((((

  • manu

    Never give up.Believe in yourself. great, very much inspiring.the real love between father and son.Thank you!!!!!

  • NAtAle

    Great story, we can do anything with just a little help and plenty of determination. Thank you!!!!

  • Dortmund

    I was inspired by the fact that he did not give up on his dream despite the circumstance. Thanks!

  • Donna

    Hello Matt.. THANK YOU for sharing this video! It has got to be one of my most favorite that I've ever seen. The first time I had seen this video, it was played at either Promotion Day or could it have been at MBC? I'm sorry I don't recall precisely when I first saw it, but in either case.. there were tons of people in the audience (w the lights dimmed) and my eyes filled with tears hoping they won't turn the lights back on too soon. Now.. even seeing this video over (and over) again from home... i am weeping & balling in tears! The perserverence and motivation to continue even while faced with the true adversity of real physical pain... is incredibly inspiring. Never Give Up !!!

  • I'cent

    Great story, great video! Ooo how glorious it is not just to finish, but to finist strong!

  • I'cent

    Great story, great video! Ooo how glorious it is not just to finish, but to finist strong!

  • kishore kumar

    intention makes wonders and made you to reach goal

  • wendy

    if only more people had this kind of spirit...the world would be such a better place to live

  • Alvin

    Very inspiring and motivational story. Leaders and not just fathers should view this.

  • lory

    Pure determination and the love of father.


    This event is greater than his winning the race!

  • Janaky

    I wish there wasn't so much commentary. The video could have been allowed to say the inspiring story on its own. All this commentary makes it cheesy and takes the true awe away from the great Derek.

  • anilmulavana

    it is realy inspiring

  • Victor

    Derek was amazingly dogged and strong - willed. Again, when we feel so down cast,shattered and crushed there's a father (GOD) who comes to our rescue. That was exemplified by Derek's father.

  • chris

    It was touching and inspiring. This guy is a real example of not giving up attitude.

  • K.V.Iyer

    Outstanding ..... a real son and father ....Conviction of Derek and the same of his father to help his son when required.... The noble way way of telling "Don't ever give up"..Life is not for the ones who accept defeat ....But strive ..In every man's life such situations arise....most buckle.. this tells us ...go on .....

  • Gomathi

    In Life all of us face different instances of Injury- when the race you undertake seems to be a failure. Our near dear ones feel our pain the most as they would have seen the passion in us. My parents have been with me when i wanted to get off an abusive wedding and helped me trace my steps to ME. Its how we have the grit to go to the finish! Dad/ you for all the way that you stood with me.. through and through Gomathi

  • Gail

    Love in all its forms fuels the race we all must run.

  • savita

    Unbeliable --Love and passion and desire to win -cant be explained in words,Great

  • laura

    I pray this video inspires everyone to rise up and come to the aid of anyone who is struggling toward their goal. Right now, I sit to watch my 50 year old son going thru' an unknown strain of lukemia...with the spirit of a child of God rising up to handle anything God allows/assigns him, knowing God takes to a finish all the good he starts. We do not know yet what will be the outcome, but with "Thrilled to Death" as his blog, he is giving his spirit to the world in a testimony to God Himself! The love of a parent is best described by a parent, and standing by watching.... and waiting till the right moment to step in can be almost unbearable, if not for the grace and mercy of our Master. Hearing not-to-encouraging news this morning of my son and then viewing this brought me certainly to tears. But, this story is one I certainly would have expected Dad to step in and help. May God always give us grace to meet each moment!

  • rg

    amazing grit and love !!!

  • dr preetham

    i may not remember the winner of this race, or even Derek Redmond after few years but the message of this father son duo will stay with me forever,, give everything u got !

  • rb

    Derek's perseverance when faced with pain and heartbreak touch the very core of the human condition, inspiring us to not only carry on but to know that someone will walk by our side in our darkest hour. And when we make it through the trial, that spirit of perseverance will celebrated by humanity.

  • connie

    Courage and total, unconditional love from a father for his child. Nothing can compare with this

  • meheret

    the son's courage to pick himselfe up and go on despite the pain; it was no longer about winning but about not giving up! he is a winner for that! The father's care, supprting his son enough and leting go so he could reach the finish line on his own! This story speaks volume about life, love, its very moving!

  • edeuardo

    this is fatherhood !

  • ikie

    I love this video and I REMEMBER when this happened. Great moment of courage and a father's love for his son. I'm sending it to everyone.

  • halldor

    thank you Peggy and Sam, you said it all, summing up my feelings toward this beautiful story. too bad for the Barcelona Summer Olympics winner whose name is lessened, and i wonder if Derek might have finished more gracefully if his dad hadn't interfered

  • Molly

    Hi Michelle, Here's the video I mentioned....

  • wu ying ying

    wow awesome

  • Praveen

    What a determination by the sportsman ..and what a motivation by his father !!

  • Patricia

    What an amazing video. Inspirational and powerful. Thanks.

  • Marty

    Thanks to my son for sharing a love we share with each other, too.

  • sethi

    Inspirational for a lifetime .

  • AK.

    Courage, determination, sheer grit and, above all Will Power............If I could help it, I would have awarded him the Gold Medal for being a man...........No comments eyes are brimming and flowing over.............

  • Kui Choo, Ng

    I was inspired and touched to tears, taking in the pain on Derek's face and recognizing the love and total dedication of Derek's father. Together they won the race of life.

  • Nandini Ramasubramanian

    WOW!! Brought tears to my eyes. I did join the ovation. What love can do! What determination can do! This is true winning!

  • bluebuddha

    Amazing power of the spirit. And what really matters in the end. :-)

  • Sam

    Yes the text and music was a bit overdone, but the perseverance and love at the core of this story is very moving and inspiring to me. The powerful love of his father to stand with Derek and support him as he hopped along in pain in such an exposed setting before millions of people and then to listen and let him walk the last steps on his own is heartwarming. Knowing when to physically be there for someone and when to let them walk alone with just the love and energetic support of family and loved ones is central to any relationship whether it's being a good parent, lover, friend or co-worker. It's those connections that ground and motivate us in the world.

  • Peggy Imbrie

    An uplifting true event ruined by bad storytelling from the director of the video. Overwrought music, too much cutting, not enough video and way too much text. If the story is good, and the pictures are true, you don't have to tell your audience what to think and how to feel. A good film/video will do that for you. You don't have to "talk down" to your audience. Derek and his father told us what the 'message' of the story was with their actions.

  • Dennis

    That says it all!

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