Thinking about tossing out your new year-old phone for the newer, sexier smart phone? Electronics manufacturers make it hard for us to stick with products by churning out new, incompatible versions every year or two. But this type of disposable designing is creating 25 million tons of e-waste, poisoned workers, and an increasingly toxic environment. Learn more about how our electronic products are made, what happens once we are done with them, and how we can support smarter, greener practices.


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  • Dave

    Err....yes, let's make things longer lasting...but free market competitive capitalism just can't do that, can it? Hope hands, everybody, let's be brave and chuck....capitalism!! And find something better.

  • ArunChikkop

    Hey Nice video and facts. The technology industry is changing fast and we have to recycle to stay in the cycle of Life. "A soceity is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy" -JOHN SWHILL

  • Towanda

    I really like having this video to share. Where can I point to your sources for your facts? Also, it would be really nice if we could refer to the design scientists not just as guys but as guys and gals. ("thanks guys and gals"). Can the video be retaped to make that change? Otherwise, top notch! thanks!!

  • Susan Blevins

    Excellent indeed. Perhaps we can send this video to all the technology CEOs and designers, since dropping off our old electronics in their garage might be a bit challenging!

  • Karenna

    This is an EXCELLENT presentation. Thank you. I am sharing the "You made it. YOU deal with it" philosopy, thanks to this video.

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