Tyrone Curry won over $3.4 million dollars in the Washington State lottery 5 years ago and still spends his days sweeping the cafeteria floor at Evergreen High School. 'I try to make sure it's spotless and it's ready for the kids,' he says, with a smile on his face. After cleaning, he goes off to his second job - coaching the track and field team. "Ten years ago, I said if I win some money, I'm going to put a track here," Tyrone said, and that's exactly what he did when he recently gave his boss a check for $40,000. :)


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  • Christine Mccaughtry

    you don't have to be selfish and money can't change you and you always give thanks to God

  • d s ramga rap

    Seems he gained more humility, not an ounce of arrogance, because of his windfall gains.

  • Betsy

    Wow, how to use your money and time wisely...

  • Mark

    What a "Wonderful World it Could Be" if we were all more like Tyrone...

  • Laurel

    The coach is so clear about his values and what is important and he kept those in the front of his life even with $3.4 million to tempt him otherwise.

  • Kiko

    That even in our greedy world today, money doesn't necessarily have to change a person.

  • M.Prakash

    Deeply rooted to the ground. Simplistic. A true Christian

  • M. Alba

    I am moved by his humility, vision, and sacrifice.

  • Arkesh

    This is a prime example of a truly selfless person. Well done my man :) You're a valued member of society.

  • Mary

    What a magnificent example of humility and generosity. How many kids and adults will be touched by Mr. Curry's kindness?

  • Srikanth V

    Some people have such a clear life compass. No greed, no unreasonable wants, just a good head above their shoulders and a heart in the right place.

  • Shirley Marsh

    A wonderful, generous human being. I have no criticism or comment other than he is doing a wonderful thing, and who are we to impose our ideas on his actions and say he should do it differently? Just be grateful there are people like him in this world, and pray there are more in the wings.

  • Annie

    PINE - I love your response. Spot-on in my opinion. Gregg, I understand your line of thinking, too, and am hoping that you win the lottery very soon so you can leave your work. I'm also hoping that the person who receives your job will appreciate the opportunity as much as you want him/her to.

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    His humility and divinity. To me he is God in action - untouched by the bait that life can offer just to check if one will fall for it and come off the virtue track.

  • LynneQi

    @Gregg, as others have said, there is more one gets out of working than a paycheck. And by donating that money to a new track, he IS giving someone -- several someones -- work in building the track.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    He stayed true to himself and to his community; we are who we are, money will only amplify one's personality. Which is to say he was kind hearted and generous Before winning the lottery and thus continues to be afterwards. And most of us feel better when contributing to society. What a Wonderful Man, the students will surely miss him. Thank you for sharing! He is an Every Day Superhero! :)

  • Gregg

    Pine, I think you missed my point. I think it's great that he is a useful citizen but there is probably at least one person in his town that doesn't have a job and has a family to support. I say let that person have the job then donate your time with love helping others like the homeless, the underprivilaged, abused mothers and children...the list goes on. A person can certainly teach others to be to give and be selfless in other ways rather than cleaning floors. First step would be to give your job to a needy person who has nothing. He is an upstanding citizen for sure but he should think of other ways to give of himself in his town....this is the first thing I would do if/when I ever came into a lottery win.

  • Cindy

    What inspired you about this video? What an awesome person. It is so nice to hear a story about someone who gives back. It is great to hear that someone still has Christian values and serves the Lord by serving others.

  • Pine

    Hi Gregg, Just wanted to respond to your question with a few thoughts. From my perspective, earning money is just one part of what working is about. Tyrone embodies what I see as a primary goal in my own life--to do good work each day, and to be of service to others. The example he set for the students of Evergreen High School is priceless. He shows them that one doesn't work just to buy things--one also works out of love, and commitment to the greater good, and the desire to be useful. He also show those emerging adults that no job is "menial" if you engage in it fully. I can't imagine any more important lesson for them. Just because Tyrone has money doesn't mean he no longer needs that job.

  • D

    @Gregg - I see what you're saying but don't entirely agree with you. There are benefits people receive from their job other than the paycheck and he shouldn't have to give up his job just because someone may "need it more." Winning the lottery shouldn't mean "quit your job." It seems he's already "paying it forward" very well!

  • Lillian

    If you watch til the end of video it says he will retire in June....plus if you know any hard worker elder you would know they identify very strongly with their job...not to mention the reward of the everyday interactions with the kids must be hard to give up. Good example for the students

  • Gregg

    I think it's awesome that he won the money but why not quit the job so that someone who really NEEDS the job can have it. He can always donate his time around the school and help others but giving his job to someone who has no job would be the ultimate "pay it forward" good deed. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Susan

    A truly Elegant Man ...

  • marian

    If you stay this true to yourself you should be president! Deepest respect!

  • Derek

    Lasting joy and happiness come from selflessness, loving service, how can l help?!! WOW!!

  • Huda

    What inspired you about this video? I think this guy is more than great, in a time money governing the hole world,and let people change when they have it.My Regards,Love and Respect to him.

  • sukhpreet

    This video is superb....very few people do like this.Its really inspiring for everyone.

  • k

    GIVING...what an idea!! Murdoch could learn a few things, eh??

  • Ganesh

    There are still some people in world who never affect by money.......

  • Divakar KN


  • Deepak

    I luv this guy! How gentle!

  • ravindra

    how ever you life changes, do not forget from where you have come ? money will come & can go anytime,but, your character should be the same. Mr. Curry is a perfect example of this

  • SoFlaGossip

    Even after winning the 3.4 million dollars. He didnt let the money change him. I love it

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