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In this black-and-white interview, filmmaker Nic Askew interviews Julio Olalla. It is not an interview to sell anything or pitch anything. Its just Julio being Julio. He candidly speaks about an encounter with his father that changed his life, and what he learned: "Gratitude in so many ways is so dramatically missing in the world today. Without gratitude nothing is enough." It's the kind of short movie where you want to turn off the lights, and just soak in the spirit of an everyday hero.


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  • Rajni Gohil

    I have a hearing disability so I am not able to listen any words. But reading some comments touched my hearts. I am grateful to them. Thanks for beautiful comments.

  • Micky

    I've watched this video several times and always come away inspired and uplifted. Thank you. ♥.

  • Lida Cate

    It reaffirmed my daily commitment to have gratitude for all in my life and to try to "Pay It Forward"

  • rganeden2U

    Its true that every day we have quick chats with others but not deep meaningful soul stirring conversations. We need more of that. Peace begins within me.

  • Aimee

    Who knew 10 min could have such a profound affect. Thank you for gifting us the importance of gratitude. I think my heart grew 10x during this video. Love life indeed!!!

  • deepthi

    So many lovely insights. This reminded me of my meditation teacher who gave unconditionally. I am so grateful to my meditation teacher for giving me the gift of vipassana.

  • Cynthia

    It reminds me of my gratitude I have for my doctor in saving my life. He is very knowledge able, but more importantly, he is wise.

  • Satish

    I love solidity. it amazing feeling. Feel the nature and see animals and birds.

  • robertaritson

    That giving is remembered after so many years. This highlights the need to listen to the promptings of Love deep within and then to give freely and cheerfully.

  • Karen

    It is so true that falling in love with questions is part of the path to wisdom. We as human beings are becoming so clever in our love affair with knowledge but wisdom requires a very different approach. A beautiful video.

  • Sara

    "The interesting and fascinating thing with having no clue is then you fall in love with questions." ♥

  • bart de bondt

    True wisdom is captured in everyone of us. Deep inside we know the answers to every question we have. To uncover that wisdom it is necessary to trust in your own beauty and to take the time to look and listen at it.

  • elizabeth

    while listening to Julio, I just closed my eyes, wet with emotion and calmly sat back enveloping his words....I keep a journal and write down each morning one thing that makes me happy. I try to practice gratitude in my own small ways...thanking people, smiling at them, giving a complement to people I do not know, maybe about their children or what they are wearing..what smiles you receive..small but important ways to live...

  • Megan

    So incredibly beautiful and pure. Thank you, Julio, for reminding me to always have a sense of wonder, of awe. I loved the metaphor of a tree and the question of knowing the chemistry of the tree does not really mean we know the tree. So beautiful.

  • Sandra

    I am a woman with the dog....thank you Julio

  • Veeca

    The story of the 'bread'. The idea of not being judged. I don't say things because I may be judged. The idea of falling in love with the questions. Most importantly the tone of 'wonder' and the love that emanates from his soul. That someone would make this film for the rest of us. I am 65 and still learning to be a truly human being.

  • Lisa

    Simply beautiful powerful and wise..thank you Julio Olalla xxx

  • heroll

    Thank you Julio.

  • renee

    You cannot help but be moved by the simple, yet profound wisdom of Julio's appreciation for what he has in his life. He forces you gently into thinking about what is meaningful.

  • Paula Quinones

    What a beautiful human being. Everything he said was eloquent, sincere, and filled with love and wisdom. His words touched my spirit and energized my soul. I now, even more profoundly amo la vida and feel so very very blessed and in awe of being. Thank you for the opportunity to experience an aspect of Julio's gratitude for life!

  • Britta

    The authenticity of Julio and the words he spoke truly touched me. Thank you.

  • Melissa

    Everyday heroes don't often get to share--Just for being and breathing, he is heard and seen and loved.

  • Sherry

    I loved the comment he made "What makes you think you know the tree because you know the chemistry of the tree?" That to me is profound, we have lost the wonder because we think we have it all figured out. I will definitely thank the trees that I see around my cabin this weekend when I am away from work and visiting with Mother Nature.

  • sarie

    What inspired me was his eyes. At the very end of the video we get to see Julio in silence with words, but loud in feeling. Talk is cheap and easier to sell, but they way he bowed his head in a solemn humble, was nothing short of vulnerability at it's most beautiful state. This moment reminded me of a great quote: "Let your light shine so brightly, That others can see their way"

  • ady

    I am grateful every single day.

  • Brian Ermelin

    What inspired me is that despite the extremely rare disease I contracted and the multiple pneumonia's I dealt with,the Malaria,the multiple accidents Ive been thru, and after all of that Ive had a steady group of friends and family that have supported me physically,spiritually and above all lovingly given of themselves any and all ways possible to help me thru my troubles.Many years ago when I first caught this virus, it hit me so hard I was in a quadraplegic state. I had been building a 3 bedroom home for my wife, two lttle boys and myself.While I was laid out in a Phila.hosp.with all the tubes and hoses,unable to move an inch, my buddies got together and finished building my home for my family and I.They even built us a large deck with a wheelchair ramp.I truly know about gratitude!!!

  • M. Blagmond

    The transformational power of this message is liberating. The willingness to accept the truth underlying "Gratitude" can free one from the bondage of believing that we deserve what we have, and therefore, the c ycle of self-gratification and self-servitude overshadows the reality that all the love, beauty, and the good we experience each daily is from God and a product of our frail human efforts or existence.

  • Denise

    Juiio's words. His energy. His reminders of what provides richness in our world. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Kathleen

    I am thankful for this video. Sharing from the heart is a language too long forgotten. Our conversations are getting better and better, despite language, nationality, color, race or religion. Disappearing are the veils and barriers. I am also grateful to be doing what I can, with what I have, from where I am at, NOW.

  • Eileen Crandall

    The simplicity of this message is profound! Thank you.... I am truly grateful.

  • Michele Reynolds

    Thank you for sharing this. The world is a better place because of this video and for Julio. Deeply moved and grateful for this. Blessings....

  • Delores Brewer

    The older I get the more focused I become. Listening to this man made me realize that most of us live our lives that are riddled with interferences that mean absolutely "nothing". I, too, pray everyday for the many blessings that I have. I, too, do not feel worthy of what I have in my family, my friends, my freedom and my God. Thank you for allowing me to re-focus one more day.

  • Angela Rodriguez

    I felt the words all the way to my core. They lay on my tongue, now ready to be shared.. I am grateful for this moment.

  • Jules

    The grace of message in Julio's voice goes deep, and opens me to the core of my simplicity, gratitude and wonder...thank you..

  • Carol

    I am a graduate of Newfield and Julio Olalla's course Foundations. I am constantly inspired how Julio can teach you to live in a place of gratitude and joy despite any of your current circumstances. It is life changing!!

  • Tom

    This feeling has followed me for years...as I remind family to have humble gratitude for the bountiful blessings we enjoy...I always remind them it's not just a payoff for all our hard work...yes, we have earned compensation for what we sow...but compassion for those less fortunate and the willingness to give to others is what really brings tears to my eyes each day...I see it in the way animals relate to me...cats, dogs and children along with those we help heal us as much as we help them cope...the trials of life make us strong and keeping score long ago lost meaning...even in our business we work for KARMA...not cash flow...once people heed Emerson's message in his essay Compensation, life changes...no matter how you throw the dice you seem to be a winner if you think and act from the heart...grattude for all the blessings and a willingness to share with those less fortunate...the wisdom of the heart...

  • Lin

    "Deep conversation is where we are literally free." It is so!

  • Leslie

    When I'm generous to life, life is generous to me. Thank you

  • Andrew

    It left me in a state of contemplation and a feeling of peace.

  • Tessa

    To be less self absorbed by our own lives, but to look out there and see, listen and experience others lives and from that, become grateful for what we have.

  • Tanya Dixon

    To love the questions! To find the love in the asking and thinking instead of in the answer... Because the answer doesn't really matter... Only the love matters!

  • Susan McCauley

    I feel such gratitude for the experience of watching this video and the grace that flows from the sharing of Julio Olalla's wisdom. Thank you, Nic Askew, for your work which provides us with such teaching.

  • jane england

    The difference between acquiring knowledge and acquiring wisdom, the gratitude for a life-giving piece of bread, the art of non-judgemental conversation which leads to freedom, the many paths that derive from creative questioning - the gifts that shine from Julio's eyes. I am grateful for these and I wish to keep watching this link over and again so that I can aspire to be a guide in learning rather than a teacher.

  • kari

    I sat and watched this with a warm, purring cat in my lap, a dog dreaming next to us and a gentle rain falling outside ... and felt gratitude. Fascinating -- the difference between "chatting" and "conversing."

  • Janaki

    I used to think how can i help the street children in my country, I have nothing to help. I realized I have many things to do for them. Gratitude is the thing we everyone should have. Thankyou very much for video and for such life to see sucha a video

  • Jennifer

    Thank you... I, too, find these words of gratitude spilling from my lips every day, as I feel profound gratitude for life's care and beauty. Amo la vida. I do.

  • mary

    This is such an elegant and profound interview - what a wisdom teaching thank you

  • Vicki

    I am in tears. I forget. I continuously forget to be thankful, to be in awe of all that is around me. I will share this with my son and hope it reaches him... On some level.

  • dana

    I LOVED this film and it made me want to have Julio as my friend. What a beautiful guy. I have felt like him so many times in life. I am playing this and sharing it with as many people as I can. Maybe they will see life in different eyes. Thank you for this feeling that I have. I give you my gratitude !

  • anya

    the depth, compassion and wisdom of Julio's words. The intentionality behind them. The personal to the universal. thank you, Julio. A deep bow to you.

  • Sobha Haridas

    i am very much moved. i realy don't know how to express. it is unexplainable experience about life. he is true. i also do feel the same way about my life. look at the trees, stones, everything around me and be a part of the wholeness. nothing is seperate. sometimes i do feel that i am hugging the whole earth or the infinite . thank you so much. something i found very difficult to explain and convince. he does it

  • TenLha

    Thank you.

  • Bego

    Without gratitude we are nothing.

  • Ara

    That is right without gratitude nothing is enough.

  • Ana

    It made me reason on what I have and to be grateful with what I have without thinking that I deserve more. It also made reason that we may get a lot into chat but have very little conversation.

  • Gerry


  • Meary E.

    It seems I can not listen to this one time, I must listen on a daily base. I so soak this video in. I want more of this life . I will do more in this life to make a different. His gentle voice has such power in his words. Life stores all way is a break point in anyone life. Very strong message.

  • Estela

    live with gratitude!!! More gratitude that you have, more grace you receive.

  • LilliRose

    I'm deeply touched and deeply appreciative for this reminder. Thank you <3

  • Sanjeev

    this is peacefull and brilliant

  • terrell

    That's peace.

  • Divakar KN

    This is just brilliant :)

  • Doug High

    Dropping deserving, only gratitude remains.

  • Lyndajoy

    He is so real, so passionate about his love of life that it's obvious why his life is so good. It makes me want to wake up every morning in awe of life and go to bed each night giving thanks for all.

  • Gerald Meinert

    When you realize you look at life with different eyes, then something great, something wonderful has happened. And a warm wave of gratitude travel through your body, and luckily there is someone to share it with. regards gerald

  • Frank

    Thank you Julio for reminding what we have forgotten.. Gratitude, acceptation, enjoy here and now, little 'things' can mean a lot, not lost in doing, free your Self from constant stream of the mind, we dont really see the tree..lost in conceptual thinking, forgotten that power is here and now-the only momnet there is, not there and then. We lost that frequention of wisdom. The good news is we can take it bag, right now, greatfull for everything we receive and what we will receice and give, knowing that its all love that matters. When we become our own leader again-give our ego the place that it deserves- yes we can -yes we will-yes we do - create beautifull things in our world.. - Love Frank Oosterbeek/Netherlands

  • Ana

    I can't find the words to express my gratitude to Julio, Nick and also the KarmaTube team for sending this never ending wave of gratitude into the world. May it touch the heart of every single soul on Earth. Thank you.

  • bilkis yusuf

    wonderful video, how many times do we ever look at our lives and be grateful for all that we have, let us learn to appreciate and be grateful for all the people around us who have touched our lives in so many different ways, and the family who support with love and care when you need it most

  • megan

    absolutely beautiful. thank you so much for sharing and articulating what I am so grateful to feel more and more in my life! blessings to all, may we all live and love in joy!

  • Tracey

    It is such a beautiful piece of film & so simply conveys what is probably one of the most important messages that we can ever learn. Be grateful & thankful for all the love, & joy we have in life. For all our family & friends & the blessings that they bring. For the truly amazing world we inhabit & all the joy, wisdom & learning that each moment can bring. What a wonderful Man,thank you

  • Ramaa Bharadvaj

    true wisdom of a remarkable man captured with such serene beauty by a filmmaker - grateful to both of you.

  • Kat

    Very moving interview, thank you. I was speaking to a Mexican friend the other day; I told her, "I live in thankfulness." She didn't understand the English word "thankfulness" so I looked it up on the online translator and told her, "Vivo en el agradecimiento." She smiled and understood, and wrote down the English phrase. She feels the same way. We both live in thankfulness. I agree with Julio Olalla—it is a beautiful and deeply satisfying way to live.

  • Dusty

    Yes, yes, yes, this is how I have lived my life for so many decades...you, your family, are me, my family. We love, we give thanks, we care, and it makes a difference! Thank you!

  • Eliza

    Every word...this voice and passion....his beautiful observations on love, wisdom, conversation, friendship and of course, gratitude. I awake every day with the first line of an ee cummings ppoem.."i thank you god for most this amazing day..for the leaping greenly spirits of tree.....

  • Julienne

    wow! everything..so touching, so true and a good lesson.Thanks for sharing and all the best to Nice and Julio for sharing...keep up the great vision/mission! We have so much to be thankful for.....think of how God/the Universe freely gave us all things....what a wonderful mystery..we have a lot to be thankful for..and alot to share!

  • paul

    he communicates his gratitude and shows it is a well of love. Amo la vida!

  • ffay

    From each and every fabric of life, to the core of my being, gratitude brings "wisdom from a different dimension"...Thank you for making this video!

  • Penny K.

    What fantastic work, Mr. Askew! Very powerful video. And what wonderfully profound words from Julio Olalla. Brought tears. Thank you, both -- very much.

  • jeanne

    the simplicity and wisdom of its content........

  • Parvati

    Gentle spirit. Gratitude and the pure loving kindness in Julio's eyes. Thank you.

  • Paul Wilson

    Because of Gratitude my World is Greater. The grass is greener,the flowers are are more vivid, the sky is a deeper blue,the stars are brighter, my wife is more beautiful every day. Gratititude is the begining of living. The more gratitude you have the less cares you have. It is not having what you want but wanting what you have. Thank You Paul

  • Barbara Fuhrwerk

    To just remember; to just remember ALL we are given and that we are in the flow of a new creation even in conversation with our friends. To just remember is EVERYTHING.

  • Patricia

    The simplicity and open hearted willingness touched my spirit. i am thankful and full of the goodness that gratitude brings. Thank you Julio.

  • yola

    El corazon pide que algien lo toque. Muchas gracias Julio!

  • Brian

    Gratitude for anything we have. The simple things. Faith is our abundance. We need to always remember how to reset our appreciation for things in life so we can sustain and move along. God bless the people. Thank you guys for all these videos, we always look forward to your messages. Take care. Know you are loved. :-)

  • Carol Patti

    Everything about this video inspired me - especially at a time when there is so much stimulation out there - everyone trying to figure everything out - trying to find the answers. Finally knowing everything about the tree but not really relating to the tree. This inspires me in my practice and validates what I have been feeling. Love is what life is about, being grateful for that love and sharing that love. This video was awesome!

  • June

    Truly Grateful...Thank you...

  • Ron Ross

    Knoweldge is the love affair with answers. Wisdom is the love affair with questions.

  • Linda L. Fischer

    To be in wonderment and gratitude for life. Julio taught me today as he taught me at Newfield to embrace life with a question and look deeper into what arises. What a gift today to come across this video in my email inbox and remember.....to be grateful! Baraka Bashad

  • Helen

    I like how he discusses the loss of the art of conversation. And how he and his friends, do converse without judgement and how their conversations take them to" new places " This for me is a "simple pleasure " that brings such joy and curiosity about ourselves and the world around us, I wish I had more of this in my own life. How do I become the "change I want to see"...?

  • John David Olsen

    I love that his thoughts and suggestions of how to live (and love) life are so simple yet so profound.

  • Camile Roman

    I appreciate the gift of this video. It was a moving piece of truth which I hope continues to move others from the soul. Thank you !

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