Are you having a gloomy day? This award-winning music video by the UK's jive and swing band "The Jive Aces" is sure to put a smile on your face and get your toes tapping, if not your whole body swinging!


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  • Robert Gavila

    This video is a real charm. I love the '50s look. I love the whole arrangement. The swift-footed swing dancers are a very nice bonus.

  • Mike Curtin

    Like a musical "Stone Soup". You always have at least two choices in EVERYTHING you do: you can do it and like it, or you can do it and not like it. The choice is always yours.

  • Kat in North Vancouver

    it got me up and dancing in my living, threw off my glasses and woo hoo! Im joining a dance club now

  • C.W. Havener

    At age 85 it brings back memories of the early 1940's. and happier times. God Bless

  • Gary

    A wonderful life-affirming video

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  • Dancing  without inhibition -- jumping and jiving for joy, are mood-changers!
  • Switch your "stress channel" instantly!  
  • It doesn't take much to spread a little happiness sunshine! In fact, when you're happy you actually help make others happy too!

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