Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? Filmmaker Julia Bacha has spent the last 8 years documenting Israelis and Palestinians who are trying to end the conflict using peaceful means. There are many Palestinians who are using nonviolent resistance to defend their land and water resources, and Israelis who support them. Yet, most of us have never heard of them. This discrepancy between what is happening on the ground and perceptions abroad is one of the reasons that a massive, national, nonviolent movement does not exist in Palestine. In this TED talk, Ms. Bacha asks us, and the media, to focus our attention to these nonviolent movements.


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  • Todd Foster

    Thank you for your difficult efforts. Thank you for tending so diligently to this challenge. The US media is not an easy target. Some 80% of it is controlled by Zionist s or those who support that movement. So odds are not favorable to gain attention from there. World Wide Web....now there is the people's media. This is how we can effect the spread of this wonderful news so as to affect others. Also a note on my Government (USA)...it has not represented the choice of the masses for some time now. Secondly...those in higher office are either dual Israeli citizens or have signed a promise to support Israel ( the Zionist political party). Google Cynthia Mckinny, a former congress woman who speaks out clearly and is a better representation of our Citizens. Peace on us all.

  • Pancho

    :-) Here's what sister Julia is stressing in her wok in other words: "AHIMSA (nonviolence) is not only the absence of violence, it is not simply the negation to cause harm, but it is something infinitely more: it is when one's heart is so full of love, so full of courage, forgiveness, generosity, kindness and compassion, that there is no room for hatred, resentment and violence. It is not a double negative but a SUPERLATIVE POSITIVE! Nonviolence it is a call to disobey inhumane laws, treaties and institutions; it is a call to obey the law of love; it is a call to not control anger (if it arises) but to express it under discipline for maximum effects; it is a positive force; it is love in action; it is the thoughts we have, the words we use, the things we do, the cloths we wear, the food we eat... it is a way of life! That said, it is my most profound intention that we keep the movement, no non-violent but nonviolent. The nonviolence of Gandhi, the nonviolence of King, the nonviolence of César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, THE NONVIOLENCE OF AYED MORRAR... the nonviolence that makes us fearless and unstoppable."

  • Todd Foster

    Everything !!!!!!!!! Thank You Lovely Lady for your efforts....we need this in our world. Share this on all social media.....we do not need the mainstream to affect millions. Over 5000 views....then there should be over 5000 shares as well !!!!!

  • dr. donna rohlf

    Thank you for the sublime Love that stands behind this presentation. It is a true SashiFlag celebration honoring the sublime beauty within each of us. Thank you so so much. SashiFlag.org

  • Hootoksi

    Julia Bacha is doing a terrific job of spreading the word on the peaceful non violent ways in which people in both Palestine and Israel are striving to bring about peace. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have shown how oppression can be overthrown and peace brought about. I implicitly believe that non violence is the only way to go thanks Julia..........

  • Karen

    As an Israeli dedicated to peace I too have asked myself where are the peaceful protests.. as on the Israeli side we have a long standing left wing party that is for opening borders and creating peace (this is much older than what she said in the video).. and the whole issue is that there is no partner who they can sit down with. I personally do energy work for peace and have reached out to Palestinian energy workers to work with me and have had no response. I really hope that this movie will get out to many people.. for on both sides there is fear and I believe that on both sides there is hope. At the moment the Gazans are being used by the Hamas terrorist movement and they are suffering because of this.. there are I hope that they disconnect from them and Jihad and take up the non violent way.

  • Sundi

    It takes a lot to stand up to the Israeli Army, and it even takes a lot to make a film about those brave Palestinians and Israeli citizens who do just that. Recognizing these kinds of efforts is one small thing we can do ... but how do we force American media to air these stories so that the power of the hundredth monkey might make a difference?

  • Patricia Davenport

    I am happy to know there are people actively involved in promoting non violence as a solution to serious problems. I just wish the media would focus more on this rather than violence. I will forward this email to my friends and if there is more I can do please let me know. Good Luck to all those who are following this path.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    There are so many people involved in peaceful protest and nonviolence, thank you for sharing. YES, let us focus on this.

  • Anne

    How can the average citizen in the US get media attention on these non-violent actions? I think much of the US media doesn't want to support non-violent action. I think they want to support the "military industrial complex". I think that they care only for the money that can be made with selling weapons and ammunition, and feeling powerful with these. I am a student of Nonviolent Communication, founded by Marshall B. Rosenber, who has initiated many "NVC" projects with Palestinians and Israelis. I agree that sustained media attention to these non-violent movements is very good reinforcement for them. Just realize the US as a government/nation employs itself in negotiations, sanctions and wars and billions of dollars go there every day. Still, I pray there are brave media outlets who will take on non-violence; I just don't know any yet.

  • Ria Tanz Kubota

    The incredible bravery of non violent demonstrators humbles me.

  • Karuna

    Thank you very much Julia for this wise and inspiring talk! May all beings live in peace and harmony.

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  • Just Vision highlights the power and potential of Palestinians and Israelis working to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity, equality and human security using nonviolent means.
  • Watch Just Vision​'s films, including Budrus and My Neighborhood, to learn more about nonviolent movements and leaders.
  • Recall a time in your life when a person stood up with love, respect and dignity in the face of violence, and share the story with someone.

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