"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahtma Gandhi said it. Now, Luminaries reinforce the message with their bright-eyed, feel-good, inspirational hip hop, with indie singer-songwriter Trevor Hall joining the mix.


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  • Fiona

    Nice! On all counts! Nice video, nice music, nice lyrics, nice message ... just NICE!! Thanks! (Yes, female deity would be way cool!)

  • Rachel

    Really enjoyed the song! It's definitely a happy track. I do wish they had included a female deity in there though.

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  •  Luminaries see making inspirational music as "living lives of service."  Reflect on your own talents  and ask: how can I use these in the service of others?
  • Luminaries reflect a trend in hip hop toward messages of light and hope.   Check-out rhymes that teach and inspire.
  • Put together a playlist for your next party that features only songs that truly reflect your ideals and dreams.

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