This love letter to wilderness celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Wilderness Act with stunning images and excerpts of poetry and words on wilderness from Edward Abbey, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir and Wallace Stegner. In 50 years, the designated wilderness areas in the United States has grown from nine to 109 million acres, including national forests, national parks, national wildlife refuges, and Bureau of Land Management lands. "Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity..." ~John Muir


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  • Robin

    I love my Momma Gaia and don't want to see her harmed any more! I pray the destruction is halted sooner than later.

  • April

    We cannot continue to abuse our planet or we will no longer have a peaceful place to go to as refuge from our work lives. Everything we do - from what we eat, to what we drive, to how live everyday of our existence- affects the environment.

  • JoAnn

    The Wilds –the places man can only pass through that still remain as free as they are able, despite man's effects and yet still barely free of his hideous direct manipulation – are my only source of a true experience of purity, and freedom from the assault of the false, man-made culture that is eating us alive – all for the sake of money, which means absolutely NOTHING without life – if we let it.


    it is interesting

  • Ann

    "What we now call wilderness was once simply the world. Our ancestors evolved here. Our neural architecture formed in these places where wolves and bears and lions thrived, where life was hard and the air was clean. In our new,human-created world, we have many wonderful things...but without time back in the world we're from, we go insane. In wilderness. We're home." Aaron Teasdale, in Nov/Dec Sierra Club Magazine.

  • Donna D'Orio

    The message of truth it delivers, that we cannot live without wilderness.

  • Lindy

    I spontaneously began to breathe more deeply and then felt a relaxation come over my body and a sense of well-being. I felt a small smile arise and a tenderness in my chest.

  • BD

    That wilderness exists as a protected wild place is a measure of peoples' and nations' abilities to care for all forms of life, to be stewards of this planet, and to protect and appreciate the mystifying natural beauty each nation has.

  • Debi

    It took my breath away! The majestic mountains, the serenity. . .a gift we all should treasure. Thank you.

  • Margaret Coles

    Our planet, in its true raw and uninterrupted state functions on the 528 hz. Which is the resonance of God/ Consciousness/ Nature; given to us as a gift to enjoy and be responsible for. Thank you for this, it made me gasp with joy.

  • jodi

    WILDERNESS.... MOUNTAINS... GOING HOME I just returned from 8 days of hiking in California... Nature is my best friend..

  • Peg

    This is beautiful. We have a responsibility

  • Joan Bryant

    The statement that wilderness can shrink but it cannot grow! We must never let go of wilderness!

  • umerath

    trusting the at we are not separate from nature,we are one witj ALL

  • d s Ranga rao

    The ultimate resort to a man obsessed with excessive materialistic development is the nature's wilderness only. So, if nature is protected, preserved and nurtured well, it shall come to our rescue in our rainy days.

  • Bonnie

    If everyone would really listen, hear the sounds and see the views, all of mankind would be an environmentalist.

  • Karen

    I loved the beautiful images and excerpts in this film!

  • Donna

    If we could get all of our people out in it I believe we would have less crime and violence.

  • Betsi

    So beautiful to see what we actually have here in the USA. It's wonderful to view a video like this anytime......Thank You.

  • Diane

    Everything inspired me watching this video. Absolutely beautiful and well done!

  • Steve

    Thanks to Pete McBride for sharing this. A very beautiful film and I to wish I could have seen many of these places

  • Vicky

    Wilderness is where I feel most at home..this is beautiful.

  • bonnie

    We won't have any wilderness left if the rethuglicans keep trying to sell if off...

  • Ingrid

    the feeling of loving and caring for our little blue planet, the third rock from the sun ...

  • Melodie

    The magnificent beautiful photography. Wonderful. Thank you

  • Kathy Kearns

    Beautiful and so true!! We need to get people out into the wilderness more!!

  • Dianne

    am privelleged to have seen some of this wilderness

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