The northeast Indian state of Meghalaya is possibly the wettest place on earth. In these rainforests, bridges are not built - they are grown - from ancient roots and vines of trees stretched horizontally across rivers and streams. These bridges cannot be built in a lifetime, but once completed, will last for centuries. Sustainable living architecture that will live and grow for generations to come.


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  • Himanshu Gupta

    I am not able to see the video...only blurred image is coming..Please help

  • Mick O'Toole

    This is a beautiful story and wow! Those bridges. Such an amazing labor of love that spans centuries. I loved hearing John Hurt's voice narrate!

  • Susie

    A concrete way to see how what we learn and then teach others gets carried on through generations. In this case a literal bridge is built in harmony with nature. In carrying on our values and beliefs we can build spiritual bridges.

  • Carol

    Just wonderful and so ecologic!

  • Mark Williams

    I love this video for a few reasons. I am a photographer and the scenery in the story inspired me, but more than that, the mentorship, the teaching through generations and thinking of a solution in the form of a sustainable "living" arcitecture in the form of a bridge is just simply brilliant. No Frank Lloyd Wright, no Hoover dam ... just a practical working, giving and sharing approach to one of nature's challenges.

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