Keon Scott was asked what he wanted for Christmas. "Nothing," he replied, "I already have everything I want." That is hardly the response one might expect from a ten year old boy; but Keon is quite extraordinary. Take a look at his thoughtfulness, energy, and take-charge attitude in organizing a toy drive for homeless children in his Harlem neighborhood.


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  • Mick

    what a beautiful kid. Well done Keon. Your mom and family raised a fine young man.

  • lance

    I was moved to tears at the selflessness of this young man.He is obviously not a wealthy child,yet he recognizes that there are others less fortunate than he is. Look out for the name Keon Scott in the future.

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  •  Plan your own toy drive - here's how.
  •  Read about the plight of the estimated 100 million children living in the streets worldwide.
  •  Take a lesson from Keon Scott and believe that "I have enough; I am enough."

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