Where does our stuff come from, and where does it go? In this fast-paced, fact-filled twenty minute video, sustainability expert Annie Leonard dares to look--and invites us to do similarly. She engagingly explores the underside of our production and consumption patterns, and the insidious ways in which the things we acquire affect communities at home and abroad. The Story of Stuff may well prompt another way to look at all the stuff in your own life.


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  • Sidonie Grace

    Great job, Annie Leonard! Kudos!!! It's plain, clear and very informative. It's eye-opening, thought-provoking and ultimately life-changing should we choose to stop (turning the blind eye) and take inspired action... All it takes is one committed, responsible being at a time. Starting here and now, care to partake??? Welcome on board, brave heart and daring soul! Together we WILL reverse the situation. Namasté!

  • Janine

    the clear cut way it was explained well done Annie this is by far more interesting than anything similiar I have watched, power to you :)

  • Samuel R. Stevenosn (djbflhigh@aol.com)

    We should ban together and raise money to "make this video(the story of stuff)" a paid info-mercial on TV. so everyone watching info-mercials on TV. that tells them they suck instead, can watch something that tells them that they can do something and stop buying more stuff!!! - I'm serious this could be just the thing to make people stop and notice the cycle, and change it forever!!! -by: Samuel R. Stevenson (djbflHigh@aol.com-www.myspace.com/djbutterflhigh-facebook.com/butterflhigh)p.s. I’m willing to be the first stone in this mountain. Lets see if we can really get together and build a mountain of change!!!

  • Lisa R

    I love this information and it really made me think.......do I want to be a consumer? She is right about the advertisers. On a different note I would like to see this condensed a bit. It is hard to keep peoples attention for long periods of time, otherwise YOU GO GIRL AND THANKS FOR THE INFO.

  • uli nagel

    Thank you! Check out 'cradle to cradle', 'waste equals food' design, by Michael Braungart and Bill MacDonnough. Imagine a carpet factory whose water is cleaner when it leaves the factory than when it comes in. The video is called 'The Next Industrial Revolution' This is the time to turn things around,no? Check outwww.thesunnyway.com as well. How we relate to news like this is everything!

  • Lucy

    Ignore trolls - google Annie Leonard - if anyone is worth listening to, she is.

  • Lucy

    That's strange Metro164, because nasty little trolls disgust ME.

  • Metro164

    Look at all the sheep! Baaa! You see a cartoon on the Internet! Baaaaa! There were all these really scary facts! Baa! All with no references to back those facts up! Baaaaaa! But it still must be true! Baaaaaaa! You sheep disgust me.

  • choclet pi

    Wow, that was amazing! I was mesmerised for the whole 20 minutes. I'm going to send this video to everyone I know. (Btw Fergus164 is talking a load of %$£^*! - just ignore him!). Great video. :)

  • Amandeep

    a very well articulated video, thank you :)

  • Fergus164

    Wow1 Lot's of scary stuff here. Of course spewing all these scary statistics with no facts to back them us is worthless. This women is way misguided and most of the things she says are not accurate. Please people do your own investigating instead watching videos like this. Just because you see something on the Internet doesn't mean it's correct.

  • Mirza Yawar Baig

    I have been trying to spread this message for years. Many thanks Annie for all the material that you have given us. The video is fabulous. My only fear is if we are not already too late. But then I remind myself of my own personal motto in life: I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control. All power to you. Yawar, India

  • divya

    Thanks, Annie for making this phenomenal "wake up... and smell the pollution" video. On a personal level, am going to work hard at escaping the consumption trap [whew??!!!]. For a start, will forward this link to as many friends, and will request parents to show it to their children - sometimes they make the best change agents... after all, they will inherit [what is left of] "our world"! (Request: it would be great if you could make a video that children would understand, so they can teach their consumption-crazzzzzy parents a thing or two...)

  • Rain Collazo

    well - this surely opened up my eyes! i want a better world for my children, and i have to be responsible enough to do something about it :)

  • anchal

    Life is so short and the time we spend here should really have value and purpose. This video is inspirational in how we can start making changes. Thank you Annie for your research and time.

  • Geet

    I am feeling guilty about creating so much toxicity. I'm definitely going to work on my lifestyle.

  • Kelly Bliss

    This video is life changing!!! (I know the sound does not match the image... but it is still great!)

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