In a celebration of the diversity of dance, the Ontario Arts Council and filmmaker Gloria Ui Young Kim lets the dancers explain the freedom and discipline, the joy and catharsis, the self-affirmation and interconnection they experience when they set their bodies to the music. "As long as you have a beat inside you, dance is for you."


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  • Melissa

    This video reminded me how much I love dance and how much I need to get back to it.

  • shashikant

    hope every body could bring out beat from inside to dance

  • Elisa

    i just love this video, ive watched it 3 times already and its just really inspiring, I feel like getting up and dancing right away! Thanks <3

  • Dorie Knight Hutchinson

    my mother taught people to dance their own way for 50 yrs. she called dance "the song of the body" and also said that if your heart beats you have rhythm.

  • sonia

    It made me remember I love to dance!

  • Kae

    Today, for the first time in years, I danced.It was not for others to see.It simply expressed joy in movement. Then I saw this video. It is inspiring me to dance more.Thank you!

  • varun yadav

    In india, dancing open your blocked chakra.

  • maniyarasan P

    It's just all about dance, so lets dance.....and hates off for persons behind the video.awesome:)

  • pavan which make us understand the meaning of connection between all the things.

  • Tahira

    Beautifully liberates the soul and brings such joy into your heart! Everyone should dance, just put on some music and let yourself go. Dance is the best therapy, along with laughter. When you dance, your body is laughing!

  • Fann

    This is about being alive and love!! Superb!

  • Lakshmi Gouthaman

    For me Dance is a meditation, a wonderful thing that gives me joy and freedom. Each and every dance form has its own value.This video is a best example for describing that.I cannot live without dancing. Its my passion its in my breath.

  • Geri

    It's wonderful

  • Stevie

    I love the mix of cultures and abilities and how together they are all one with the music! I not only can see them enjoying life, but I can feel it! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy the Journey! Stevie J. Krueger-Energy Ink Arts

  • Valerie

    Dance changed my life. It brought me out of a dark, dark place and has become almost equivalent to breathing. I need it, i crave it, i desire it. It is like my fuel for life and living. It gives me absolute JOY!!!!

  • shivani

    no matter what language you speak,what culture you belong to,what country you're born in,there's one thing that will always join us all,that'll be shared by all of us as common and that one thing is dance..

  • purvi shah

    movement,freedom of movement..

  • Bob

    Movement lets me know I'm alive and it touches my heart.

  • Patrick

    I am a dancer -- always will be...perhaps not like I was 30 years ago, but dance changed me forever from the inside out. I dance because it is the expression of life-source inside of me. Thank you for the inspiration and the aspiration. Beautifully done.

  • Sharon

    It makes me want to find a dance group as a support for healing. Beautiful and well done.

  • Julia C

    i dance because its my life. theres nothing in this world thatd id rather be doing. dance is me. dance is who i am.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Music or Dance, its all the same language.

  • Donna

    Last evening I had the pleasure to watch a father and bride waltz together before the rest of everyone else started. I watched the essence of joy and love as the bride's father guided her around the dance floor. As I am one of those who claim "I don't dance", I suddenly witnessed the relationship dance and love have and wish all of those who default to my response "I don't dance" to the saying about dancing like no one is watching.

  • Ale

    NEVER stop dancing ! it fills you up like nothing else in the world

  • Melissa B

    Stunning, it brought tears to my eyes! Dance is pure joy and a release of your inner spirit. I want to put music on right now and move!

  • maria

    When I dance, nothing else exists, except the music and I : )

  • Ken

    My spirit is dancing with joy.....

  • danielle

    What an energetic, inspiring, appealling video. Yes, I love dancing......... going to put the music on... and..... dance merci.

  • William Van Vechten

    Thanks for the reminder to take my partner dancing again soon!

  • Susan

    This was such a great reminder- I love to dance! Thank you.

  • Jane

    Dancing feeds my soul and lifts my spirits to new heights. Thank you for this uplifting reminder of why I like to dance.

  • mary heffron

    dancing lifts me up and i feel so good. although i am 67 years ago and am concerned how well i could do. i took dancing as i child and was a cheerleader. lately, i have turning on music and dancing around my apartment

  • berith danse

    the specific of being a human being. We can praise the life and the earth with art

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Music, Dance. Dance, Music it speaks too the heart in one voice.

  • Jacqueline

    The pure joy of dance and the ecstacy that fills your heart, I could see this in all the dancers, the sheer abandone! I miss the dance.

  • Lin Morel

    "Everybody is a dancer." Imagine if we danced our way through life one step at a time! The creative arts are such a blessing - one that crosses all boundaries and needs no words to be felt.

  • Pratibha

    VERY NICE! It can replace hatha yoga. It will make one ready to sit for pranayam and meditation.

  • Marda

    We are all ONE. Dance lets the God within me connect to the spiritual whole. Dancing with others let's our One-ness become a greater whole.

  • Elisabeth Barry

    I totally agree! I love dance and need to dance more often!

  • Sethi

    Inspirational . By dancing , one expresses who you are from within .

  • Marianna

    So inspiring! I want to dance right now at 7:30 am. Thank you!

  • Jami2D

    All ages, all colors and sexes. Diversity and open minds are key to happiness, add dance and you've got a beautiful attitude:)

  • Ellen

    You can see the joy but now the explanation gives me recognition...Yes! Expressing your emotions is not just for the professional and children! Everyone get up and shake their booties!

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  • The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is the province of Ontario's primary funding body for professional arts activities.
  • 29 April is International Dance Day. Learn more about the day and read some of the inspiring messages penned over the years by luminaries of the dance world.
  • Dance... even if your body is completely untrained, even if there is not music playing, even if you are all by yourself.

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