A film by Ian Watt. More at loveistheanswer.

Filmmaker Ian Watt had an epiphany: today's creatively-oriented young generation could make great things happen by linking artistic talent with change-making movements. This film tells the story of the organization he started to help youth serve the world with art. But it also shows Ian's first experiment in change-making, as he used his filmmaking skills to help bring attention to K.I. Nepal, an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking of young girls.


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  • amadou

    I'm really shocked to discover that human trafficking_specially girls_ was going on somewhere in the world! congratulations for Ian who at this young age engages himself for this great purpose and gives concrete solutions!

  • Nancy McNamara-Shepherd

    My daughter was a freshman in IB last year at PA and showed me this video on FB..I have since shared it w/ all that I know. This video moved me to tears...as far as the negative comments posted by people ignore them..there are always going to be people who sadly believe one person cannot change the world or make a difference..I know that to be untrue. You can change the world locally, nationally or globally one step at a time. I believe you and Reed truly want to do all of the above. There are many more who are proud of your work then who think its foolhardy. Continue on..I am proud that a Virginia Beach student from PA cares so much. I think there are many more people your age who want to make the world a better place and just need an outlet. You are truly inspiring. :)

  • Robert

    I understand that for so many of these Girls this organization is a life saver but you did not mention the culprits, the men who can easily ruin and traffic more than one girl. Maybe Castration Is The Answer for these Animals who cause such pain on these young girls. I know that sounds harsh but these girls don't traffic themselves...I think there should be mention of how to rid the world of Human Trafficking by ridding the world of the Traffickers. Thank you for this film, I wish you the best in your endeavors and may God Bless the Girls/Women who have had to travel on their road to finally become their own.

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    I am grateful. These young kids have proven they have not lost the spark of divinity in their human evolution. Its truly God in action. A great example for adults who have become lost in building veils to appease society pressures. Thank you for sharing this.

  • suzanne toro

    A subject matter near and dear to my heart. I would love to shine a light on you guys...if you are interested...please email me at s@suzannetoro.com or on my account at servicespace.org

  • Chad

    Good for you guys!!! I am very happy to see you people interested in making this world a better place. The youth are the only people that really can make a difference. That's why multinationals have kidnapped their energy and ideas why huge advertising campaigns about materialism. To Caption America. A true American is a native American. About capitalism- is real meaning means to capitalize on what ever you can, any way you can. I'm all about the freedom to get rich but not when you destroy lives in the process. We shouldnt even is words like capitalism or socialism. We should just make laws they serve the people and label it "THE RIGHT THING TO DO". The use of labels is a lack of freedom and I know you CAPTION AMERICA don't want that!!! Gents there is much to learn on the road to humanity. Keep your hearts and minds open Do your own research on the world and find out why this extreme poverty exists that creates human trafficking in the first place. This is an abundent world we live in. Something isnt right on a much larger scale. I know you will find your answers. Much love and respect

  • Brenda Malloy

    What inpsired me most is the whole notion of LOVE IS THE ANSWER. I agree, 100%, and am grateful to you for sharing that message, and sharing your passion, with the world, to inspire us! PEACE!

  • Anjana

    Inspirational! Kudos to these young people Ian and Reed! Keep it up. Restores my faith in the next generation once again!

  • Tammy

    So glad that many efforts are working to end human trafficking in the world... even 8 year olds are working on it! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/20/vivienne-harr_n_1811931.html?ir=San %20Francisco

  • Amy

    The psssion of the film makers and the images in teh video were inspirational. I am an artist too and often wondered how I can use my art to impact the world for the better. I now have a few ideas--Thanks.

  • meetakshi

    ur right, whatsoever the problem, "love", is the only real answer. thanks!

  • Atort

    It's a beautiful thing to be pro-active humans and actually contributing to make a difference in a positive way....we ALL need to be more like this to make a big dent in this fractured world. Right on and love and light.

  • Mitzi

    I was very inspired by this video. I am involved in two ministries and one of those is dealing with Human Trafficking and I as an American knew that there was Porn and Prostitution most of my life but, I rented the movie called HUMAN TRAFFICKING and it broke my heart on what is really going on in our world. I am glad that these human beings have a second chance at a real life and not living in an abusixe and controlled enviroment. They have the right to live and we as Human beings need to be that voice and Texas is really bad on HT. The Super Bowl had reports of several people doing this to these young people and small children but, with prayer and seeking God on protection we heard that lots were cancelled because of the Ice and snow storms. I plan on doing all I can do and as christians and human beings we need to rescue as many as we can and help them. Thank you Ian you keep pressing on.

  • Suzanna Cody

    Your vision is inspirational for ALL ages and stages. Service to others through our God given gifts, talents and LOVE is is the ONLY answer. With deep gratitude - http://iam-ministries.org

  • Susan Mathison

    Great video! Also check out the beautiful work of Unseen Ministries...they also tell the amazing stories of small non-profits to help sustain their work. The videos allow them to share with others who are willing and able to give resources. RE: Capitalism...it can be the problem, or a solution, as you depict here. The answer is in the heart of each person, love.

  • Judith

    I gave up my passion and creative talents at age 17 because someone told me I should. I am now at 59 awakening those talents in service of others, a late bloomer. I am moved by your passion and call to action. At this time in your life you do have the power to transform with a shout out to action. You are BELIEVing it into reality. I am inspired to fuel my belief in my self and share. Heart thanks!

  • Concerned

    Mike....Ian & Reed WENT to the "real world". Have you? And "Captain America"...."Capitalism"....one word? THAT'S what blinded you to the entire message of this video??

  • deborah

    Charlie, what is wrong with capitalism is how the money system iis designed. It needs to grow and growth means to privatize everything and life falls under that superimposed reality. Please wath "the Money Fix" and the Impossible Hamster, The Story of Stuff" connecting the lifecycles of products is a good way to understand how abusive this idea is . Capitalism was coined in the 1600s much has changed since then, quantum physics has us knowing that the world is arranged far differently than those early economists understood. Things are not isolated but interrelated, connected and without healthy ecosystems we all fall down.

  • deborah

    Art and activism is classic (see Banksy, Guernica, Potato Eaters, global posters against oppression etc) that Ian had to have an epiphany to link art to activism illustrates how much of art history has been left out. Then again an upper mid class vision relies on those edits. An infomercial film for charity is another symptom based focus effort and i am determined to see the prevention plans start. As for capitalism and Americans wow, again the edits, as democracy falls even farther from practice under the pressure of big organized money, i am amazed to see that response. Transformation is on the way. Once we stop protecting what we were taught to value and value that which is truly worthy , we will open our possibilities.

  • Ummed

    Get to feet with whatever you have, whatever you can with all the love in heart. Whether you succeed a lot or little outwardly, inwardly you will be uplifted anyways. I love it and ready to help the movement.

  • Charlie

    I see what the others are talking about...human trafficking is a tragedy and has to be stopped but Capitalism isn't part of the problem, it is the answer...and the video said so...they teach the girls and make them self sufficient and able to run their own businesses...what is that but capitalism...?

  • Mike

    This video is complete B.S.. What does a kid known hes not even in the real world yet.

  • Captain America

    Is Capitalism really the problem? That one statement turned the video from inspirational to something that pisses any true American off.

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