Woody Davis was the kind of neighbor every community wishes they had. Throughout his lifetime in the small town of Corbett, Oregon, Woody used his jack-of-all-trades skills doing favors for people -- "thousands of good deeds." He took care of their needs on his own initiative, without ever asking anything for himself. Diagnosed with ALS, Woody faced what he bravely called "dying slowly". But the townsfolk of Corbett would not let him go without showing their appreciation for the gifts he had given them and the magic his generosity brought to their community.


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  • Charles Puckett

    My wife Shirley and me watched this in 2012 on news she was home on sick bed. we cried together , you see she also had ALS. she passed away nov. 26. 2012. gone but not forgotten.

  • Raymond

    People gave back,

  • Julie

    The quiet kindness of others. One kind word or gesture can make a world of difference. God Bless Woody.

  • Theda reed

    It was so great that he saw how much the town loved him , he had to be a man of god .It was also nice that the people he did so much for got to let him know they loved him.

  • Dennis

    That Angels are truly here among us....In all forms of the Humanly and Heavenly Spirits

  • Sue

    Good 'ol Oregonians!

  • Mary Ann Ronan

    Woody you showed us heaven on earth, oh that we would all follow your example of loving God and Neighbor. MAR

  • Nancy

    We're sending you much love!

  • flisman

    allmächt.... i am so touched.... what a wonderful story even Woody Davis will leave us soon..... i am very touched and i have to cry now.... we should become more of a kind of a Woody Davis... us humans... all the best to you... and a smoooth slide over to the other side... wishing you from nürnberg germany... wolfgang

  • Linda

    Woody. When you get to heaven say hello to my Daddy. The Lord will be waiting with open arms to hold you and tell you how wonderfully made you are. You so blest and have blest me just watching this video. Thanks for the encouragement to be more giving. Of myself.

  • iris

    This is another example of unconditional love. A person who has compassion, caring, sharing, and happy to help others. Are all ingredients of unconditional love, and Woody Davis has demonstrated this unconditional love to many. God Bless him and his family.

  • Dennis

    Inspiring. Gives me a new definition of a life well lived.

  • Nova

    This makes me cry..Thanks for sharing this wonderful video

  • Manisha

    This was such a moving video. It takes so much courage to be grateful for dying slowly. We have a neighbour who is similar to Woody. His name is Syed uncle, and he is always lending a hand to everyone, without any expectation or even acceptance of cash. He is the glue of our neighbourhood and a pillar of inspiration.

  • Lisa

    He's what I would consider a True Leader, an inspiration, what an Amazing man! So glad, I viewed this video. One person CAN make a difference not by force or power but by love, generosity and kindness.

  • Jack

    What a moving story. We are all capable of being more like Woody.....what a beautiful person...

  • heather

    WOW....a TRULY newsworthy story. If only ALL our news programs and networks felt this type of story was worthwhile, what a wonderful world it might be. THANK YOU CBS for showing us a glimpse of a life worth lived, and a human worth looking up to. I am truly inspired, and pray that God gives Mr Davis the HUGE wings he has earned.

  • Florence

    Woody Davis has reminded us the values of sharing and caring. I pray that his soul mat rest in peace, while we take his legacy forward.

  • Mary

    Woody's many kindnesses will not be forgotten even though Woody has died. The townspeople will honor his good deeds by paying it forward in their own community. What a blessing that Woody was able to know how much he had affected people. May we all be inspired to stop and reflect upon what we can do in our little corner of the earth.

  • Robert

    Strength of character - facing your own death.

  • DaVinci. PHARAOH

    Woody showed EMPATHY, LOVE for humankind, he did led a CHTISLIKE-LIFE and he really did the will of God. He lived from within - putting him LAST and the community FIRST. By LOVING others he revealed that he had a heart OBEDIENT to God. Surely when he meets his Master he will be greeted:"WORK DONE WELL and GOD will say : "Well Done." Not only did he get the world's appause but he also got the Lord's approval. - How I wish I was like him - the world would have been a far better place to live in if there were people like him - a typical Mother Teresa: taking care of others in spite of his illness>

  • drkrishna

    yes its amazing video for human valuss

  • mandy

    I saw this story on "Sunday Morning" a few weeks back and was moved to tears, lots of them. How wonderful that this wonderful man got to know during his lifetime how much people love him, a rare gift he received back.

  • Chris

    This is what we are sent here to aspire to. Woody you are our way shower.

  • Fran


  • Arun Solochin (Chikkop)

    Death smiles at us all.. all a man can do is just smile back.. I wish I get old someday and live a life as Woody did.. Thank You so much for sharing the video.

  • sethi

    Blessings to you Woody , You are an inspiration .

  • deepali

    this inner soul is so pure that he can help others selflessly...its found in very less people.

  • Cathy


  • Chuck

    Doing, loving and caring.

  • Luca

    So inspiring

  • Sushmita

    Woody is exemplary of the cycle of Nature- Nature sheds her fruits and flowers in one spot and does not ask for a return. But the fruits eaten by others of Nature, are given away in a different corner, to a different part of Nature as a seed and sprouting seedlings. What Woody sowed has been reaped by his townsfolk, and given back to his son in love and compassion, and hopefully will be continued to build a happy and supportive community of Corbett. Thank you for this inspiring video.

  • Moe

    If every one us just do the fraction of what Woody did in his life time for others, we would have a great life, Woody, thank you for your kind heart!

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    These are tender moments, I'm happy for this man, these are "Real Friends".

  • Janice

    What a Gift not justto Woody but all of the people who had the opportunity to return the love he got to show them for all of those years

  • Lise

    Lovely send off for a very lovely soul.

  • Lisa

    Absolutely lovely.

  • Kokil

    The selflessness of this person in assisting anyone and everybody..

  • Loretta


  • regina

    The only thing wrong with this video is.............it's not captioned to be inclusive of our 258M deaf brothers and sisters who would also LOVE to ENJOY Karma tube :) blessings........

  • Ruth

    Hello x

  • Patty Sazama

    Another feel good video for this week... Inspire!

  • Rachel

    What an absolutely beautiful, inspirational story of how we should ALL take care of each other. And, what a wonderful community.

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  • Woody passed away on 5 August 2012.  Read his obituary and reflect on the beauty of a simple man's lifetime of generosity.
  • Generosity breeds generosity; compassion fosters compassion.  It's a virtuous cycle.  Learn more about the ways the town of Corbett came together to honor Woody before his passing.
  • Keep paying-it-forward, like Woody did.  But today, also take some time to express your gratitude to those whose selflessness has made your life better.

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