August 19 is World Humanitarian Day - a day to inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how big or small, for someone else. This year, the United Nations held an event with Beyonce to inspire people to leave their mark on the world..."I gave my all, did my best, brought someone some happiness, left this world a little better because... I was here..."


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  • Anisah

    It inspires me to keep doing what I've always tried doing my whole life. I may be disabled. May have times my lungs won't let me be conscience, but when I am; I DO as much as I can to DO for others in some little way. Be it what I did after hurricane Katrina; on Crow Creek Sioux Reservation; in my local town; at women's shelters; thru Habitat for Humanity; or teaching via my blog about sustainability. My goal is to leave a mark -- to leave a piece of GOODNESS behind, even if no one ever knows my name & even if most people consider me "crazy". So be it, but I know what I did.

  • Miss Smith

    Showed to my students who have been blessed. Hope they know they have the power to leave a positive mark, and that no action is too small.

  • michael lewis

    seeing how we come together when their are tragedy's on the homefront is moving.however we should be this way daily

  • Lyn

    I am priviledges to be a part of something good that gives others an opportunity to learn, grow and heal. It has brought me such joy and gratitude, yet sometimes I get caught up in day to day stuff that I forget that. I am here!



  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Humanitarians being human.

  • ChrisC

    Each of us are part of a global family and we all have a place which is equal.All we have to do is live out the concepts shown in this video.It is reaching out to understand that each of us can makes a differece!Lets Stand up for Peace and Understanding!

  • navinsata

    Love one another.caring,sharing ,with all our different cultures countries we are all bound by common thread .we call it humans and humanity.we are one big family on earth lets remember message I WAS HERE" in everyday living always love navin

  • Ravindra Kamaredyy

    Truly inspiring... I love this... we must admit that we have a purpose to live, and live for that purpose... make this world a better place living... heaven with kindness and oneness... Really a beautiful inspirational song,,, thanks Susan sister for sharing this video...

  • Patricia Kelley

    It appears that this video emphasizes my life story. I want this played at my memorial service.

  • janet Cardulla

    Was so Powerful!! Inspirational!! WOW!

  • yashesh

    the real joy is in giving and serving

  • Bill Lewis

    Very touching and challenging

  • Jean Cape

    The love to help, to support, to take action when it is most needed and do so without thought of self. A selfless world filled with love for one, for all.

  • Arun Chikkoo

    Took to my Nerves.. Amazing. Yes I will Leave a Mark and I will proudly let people know I was Here...

  • Tara

    That I don't have to do anything big. Small acts of kindness are just as powerful as large ones. Kindness is kindness.

  • MK Mueller

    I am not married, and often am asked why. My ministry to helping people fills me up. There are many ways to share love and feel love. Thank you Beyonce for capturing this in song.

  • Ana

    Simply BEAUTIFUL> My wish is that may we all be able to say "I was here" or even better say "I am here" .

  • Katy Ctw great inspiratipnal video to start Fridays with

  • Pauline C.

    Motivational. I meant that I do first for God...

  • Pauline C.,Kenya

    It was delivered with passion and compassion.It is inspiring. I do believe that in whatever I do, I do it the best way I can and believe in myself.That in whatever I do, I do the God, the child and my country and I do something good that someone will remember me by...and say "I (Pauline) was here". Truly moving.

  • Julia

    This video touched my heart, made me cry & want to be a better person. "I Was Here", my heart was touched, I feel pain, I want the world to be better, be present & be aware. Beyonce is is beautiful on all levels & I love she gave her voice & presence to such a wonderful cause. Music heals!

  • weinnert

    cette vidéo est absolument magistrale))) cela nous rappelle que nous devons aussi penser à nos enfants et ne pas faire n'importe quoi sur la planète. Il serait temps, aussi, de se rappeler quelques règles de bon sens. Beyonce a tout simplement été magnifique dans son interprétation. Joce

  • Shiree

    This video put the words into song that I've believed all along.....that we are all here to accept, love and help one another......that is our calling, our purpose our destiny's!!! I loved the song and it's message, it reasonated with my soul!!

  • sethi

    Truly Inspirational . All human beings have the power to fulfill our purpose in life , the purpose of our existence on this planet , of making a difference however small it maybe in another human beings life . Thank you Beyonce for this reminder .

  • CJ

    Everything in this video inspired me. Beyonce's voice, the power of the words, and the staging were magnificent, but the photo's of people helping people, race not even a issue. That's the world I want to live in and I'm committed to be the peace that I want to see in the world.

  • Swamy Vigyananand

    Focus on humanity fulfilling purpose of life, grand stage, great voice (& figure) AND no reference to superstition!

  • caroline

    One of our purposes in life is to discover and recognize our gifts and talents. Therefore,it is very significant to find this meaning in life and to give our gift or gifts away to make a difference. Yes, we all of us come into this world with special gifts designed to make life a better place for others and as well as for ourselves. Thanks you for this sharing.

  • Marie

    It is so similar that arose after 9/11 as the basis for the concept of the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance...Must be time! It is always time to be kind!!! This song/video really brings it home! As I go into this 11th year anniversary of the loss of my brother and so many others on 9/11/01, this song will be in my heart and inform the choices I make in this next cycle of my life...Thanks so very much!

  • Rhonda Taylor

    This so such a beautiful and inpsirational song, it reminds of the stance I took two years ago and that is to try and make an impact or a difference in someone's life each and every day that I'm blessed to live in this world.

  • Zahava

    "It is a Beautiful World. We all should live and make a different for a better peaceful life to come when we live".

  • Brian

    Thank you for sharing guys :-) ...Beautiful stuff.....we sure need more of THAT in the world...much love and here's to world peace....

  • Sue

    "I Was Here", is a Oneness Movement honoring Humanity's Heart.

  • Maheswar Satpathy

    beautiful! MUST WATCH, think, reflect and act: share, care and grow...Let the future generations know that you were here!

  • Elaine Schofield

    Beautiful all the way including the Humanitarian efforts offered around the world..........

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Every day should be World Humanitarian Day. May we ALL realize we have the power to make this world a better place, one person, one action at a time. My Story: Once upon a time, books became an escape from a chaotic household, as an adult I realized the impact of sharing stories. So to help others, I sold my home and most of my possessions in 2005 to found/facilitate volunteer project, Literacy Outreach Belize. Since then I've donated programs for 33,340 students and trained 800 teachers. I've been invited to expand the project in Nairobi, Kenya; Accra Ghana and Tamil Nadu India; though I am not sure HOW I will find the funds,but I Know I WILL do this. I always strive to build bridges between, connecting us one to another. as a Storyteller, I share stories connecting cultures one to another speaking to our humanity. And I do Free HUGs. Hug from my heart to yours!

  • Karen

    Perfect performance we are all connected!

  • Carla

    Gave me goosebumps, which ,to me, it was inspiring and encouraging. Beautiful. I so desire to MAKE MY MARK! I love to help, show me the way..

  • Angel

    Not only August 19, We should celebrate every day as World Humanitarian Day.

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  • Every day, humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world. World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.
  • Learn more about the 2012 World Humanitarian Day theme: "I Was Here." 
  • Take one of the actions suggested on the "I Was Here" site, such as: Give away something you don't use.

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