Nearly 50 years ago, Satish Kumar walked from India to the United States for peace, starting at the grave of Mahatma Gandhi and ending at the grave of John F. Kennedy. He walked without money, trusting in the kindness of strangers to support him. "Peace comes from trust. Wars come from fear." He advocates making peace with soil (nature), soul (yourself) and society (others) because the future well being of humanity and the earth is dependent on a new world view in which the care of the planet, nourishment of the soul and the nurturing of the human community are integrated.


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  • the.m.castillo

    Human and nature are one. Peace comes from trust.

  • Satwinder

    I have heard this speech many many times and always loved it. What a noble message Satish has for all of us.

  • toshi

    learn and teach my mind. so very live in great nature

  • Joseph

    I am hoping to see more Peace Pilgrims in America...

  • Soni


  • Asesh

    Follow the Nature. Learn from the Nature. The Laws of Nature governs all of us. Try to make peace with Nature. Believe that peace comes with Trust, Hence believe in the Nature and through that Peace is showered, Enlightenment is experienced. Truly memorable talk who believes in Trust with Nature.

  • Anpu

    "where there is a will there is a way" and "nothing is impossible". I enjoyed Satish Kumar's naturality and the wholesome message of mother nature in his speach. Thank you Sir.

  • tamilyn

    his trust was inspiring :)

  • subira

    it is really nice and amazing video such kind of video should uploaded in public places any one may have easy approach to watch it and change their self and i really impress by these story,,,

  • satwinder

    Wonderful speech coming direct from Satish Heart. I can imagine how difficult it would be to walk between countries. Great to see, hear and come to know a braveheart and headstrong person in Satish. It is really hard to digest what he has done. I absolutely agree with this philosophy of soil, soul and society.

  • shabbir

    Very interesting man.Peaceful with nature and himself.

  • Mahinder Singh

    I wish him all success in his mission,he is doing great service to humanity and mother earth.

  • navinsata

    nature is great teacher, nature nurtures us all living creatures,closer we are to nature closer we are to god within and everywhere on mother earth.

  • uri

    Satish Kumar God Bless You and all the people in this world with the same flame in their heart like yours. May all of us kindle our own flame and flame of all those around us with this inspiration.

  • Don McCLoskey

    What inspired me is the simplicity of the man and the message. Peace comes from trust, anger comes from fear and projection. I am 75 and still discovering who I am.

  • Adolfo de Martino

    The walking A grand metaphore for the oldest - the holiest and most sacred of all human activities. Never more urgent to be re-discovered as a landmark shift in perception, a true paradigm shift, to help our vision change, our bodies attuned like instruments, and inform all our action as awakened custodian of mothership Earth

  • krishan chhabra

    A young man of 75 full of zeal and true concern for the cause he believes.This should be made into a documentary played in schools and colleges and more so for our politician friends.May God bless satish( love for nature/Truth)with good health so that he keeps inspiring the young and old alike to live with trust and not in fear.Regards and my salute to Satish.

  • ross

    An important lesson is to learn to be at peace with yourself. Then to make peace with nature. The ultimate change comes from the individual in order to generate the strenght to mobilise the group

  • joanna fowler

    the need to be aware of my actions and the effect on other people around me.

  • Mary Anne Geconcillo

    the video is so inspiring, heartwarming and full of encouragement so meaningful that I would like to share this to my friends. Thank you. I am a peace advocate and I love this video so much. God bless.

  • Eleanor

    This was deeply gratifying, and resonates on a such a deep level; it puts such perfect words on what we're trying to do with It also brings to mind Nipun Mehta's TEDxBerkeley talk on Designing for Generosity. All these beautiful golden threads weaving the same shining world ~ we're living in such amazing times!

  • Patricia

    This inspired man says it so simply... we won't have peace until we resolve our inner conflicts and are at peace with ourselves!

  • Colonel Ramesh Pathak

    Abasolutely incredible ! Amazing !! We are working with " Pachamama Alliance." Pacha means the Earth, The Universe and Time. We believe in creating Human Presence on Planet Earth. This presence should be Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling ( or Uplifting ) and Socially Just. How do we get a copy of this video ? Is it possible to download it ? How ? Could someone help me ?

  • Jagdish

    This inspiring video ignited the lamp within me which has become somewhat faint due to the loss of my loved one, my wife.Hearing the synopsis of Satish Kimar's life story has rekindled my lamp. We all need to work on ourselves to remove the darkness within us to see the light within and share it unselfishly with others. I feel deeply connected with the lamp shining in Satish Kumar and others who are on the Peace Pilgrimage. With affection and gratitude, Jagdish P Dave

  • john

    Brilliant story teller. Message about inner and outer peace is timeless, priceless but uniquely presented.

  • maria

    What inspired you about this video? The beautiful human being that Satish Kumar is!He speaks with his heart! His message is the message that our world needs to hear! Thanks Satish!Our world be much more perfect with persons like you. My gratitude to the equipe of Karmatube for the great work you are doing. If we want a world of peace we must BE PEACE! A BEAUTIFUL AND BLUE, BLUE SKY FOR ALL OF YOU! maria

  • suzanne

    Love this MAN...Thank you Satish for all you are...

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  • Contemplate your peace index with soil, soul and society. Seek a way to improve one aspect today.

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