The story of Dick and Rick Hoyt is an inspirational love story, based on the philosophy "You can!" Although Rick was born with cerebral palsy, his parents were determined to treat him just like their other boys, despite medical professionals counseling otherwise. Consequently, Rick grew up engaging the world fearlessly; and when he was 12 years old even found his voice with the help of the 'Hope Machine', a computer system that enabled him to talk. In high school, father and son ran their first charity road race to help a paralyzed teen. After that race Rick told his dad, "When I'm running it feels like my disability disappears." Now, at 66 and 44 years old, Dick has pushed, pulled, and carried his son on 950 races, including 60 marathons and six Ironman Triathlons. Asked about his heroic actions, Dick says simply, "I'm just myself and I love my family."


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  • adel

    what an inspirational and amazing.indeed a mind moves the masses

  • Hozefa

    THis is next to unbelievable. Actually i have no words that what i should write. In simple words a father's love has inspired me a lot.

  • Odea Toledano

    I have a son with Down's Syndrom, eleven years old. God lead me to this film to tell me that I must do much much more for my son. I know God will show me what to do. Thank you for helping me.

  • Laurie Campbell.

    Pure love is unconditional

  • Nitin Kumar

    This inspiring video brings the power of human will to surface. In Asia where majority of population including very highly educated people, believe in fate, this video brings out that power of human will is above all and invites people to think rationally, embrace positive attitude and do their best. My deepest respect to Dick and Rick Hoyt. "Gods among people" are people who do extraordinary things and inspire positivity and power rather than dependence and submittal to chance.

  • anitha

    love in unconditional.

  • Peter Michael Dedes

    Love takes on the whole package and not just the bits we like. Absolutely inspiring and a testament to the promulgation of love.

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  • Visit TASH, which aims for "equity, opportunity, and inclusion of people with disabilities."
  • Embrace the Hoyts" “You can” philosophy and take on a challenge you've always been meaning to take.

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