Dawn Loggins grew up in a home with no electricity or running water. And before the start of her senior year at Burns High School, where she also works as a janitor, she was abandoned by her parents. Rather than turning her over to the Department of Social Service, school staff and the community of Lawndale, North Carolina decided to become Dawn's family. Dawn is not angry with her parents - she just knows that she wants to make different decisions in her life.


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  • allen ang

    wow!keep it up dawn well done to the community i thought it done exceptionally above what is required thank you Jesus.please continue to bless them

  • alka chawla

    I would like to wish you a wonderful future - your hard work will make you shine always - I hope you lead America one day.....believe me a mother's wish never goes futile for a daughter...

  • Emily

    Go dawn! You are bound for great things! Keep up the hard work and determination. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story and stay strong!

  • Edmar

    Go Dawn... Harvard is one of the greatest school in the whole world, and you are the great one instruments sounding in the history. Even my self I filt impressions, Dawn keep it up a good work, you're the great one in the history of Harvard, many people wanted to study in great school but failured becuase of thier pride or can't support the expencess and tuition fees, they remaind silent in herself even do there is a chances to make more and to be strong.For me i have many times to fall dawn study in english subject that's way I can't speak enought. many people wanted but only have small chances can go. as for me working in saudi arabia very impress your destiny. Thank you and more power to you and GOD BLESS....

  • Hrair

    Indeed with the story of Dawn...once more we must remind ourselves that the difference between the Possible and the impossible lies in the I'm....in this case Dawn with her choice did it to stardom...during her journey from good to great..keep it up....really your courage , determination and passion makes a lot of us proud...

  • Ima

    Go Dawn - You will shine among the stars! God bless you and all the people around!

  • Ilke

    That's awesome. Dawn will go a long way, what a great person she is.

  • Todd

    Namaste Dawn.

  • Marissa

    Beautiful people and soul! Go Dawn! God bless you.

  • Linda

    This young lady is someone I would want every student to be; determined, assertive, and undaunted. I am in awe and have great admiration for Dawn Loggins.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    "We became her village" combined with Dawn's incredible resilience, determination and attitude create a formula for a positive outcome. There are Thousands of teens like Dawn, sadly there aren't thousands of communities like Lawndale; and there Should be and Can be. Kudos to Dawn for her drive and focus AND to Lawndale for doing the right thing to help this deserving human being. <3 and HUGS.

  • Irene Schneider

    Her choices and her desire not to become a victim of circumstances while moving forward to reach her goals is a testimony to how we should all live our lives! The response from the community is one of pure love in reaching out to share what they have with one with less. She will remember this and with hope, pass it forward! Bravo young lady, reach for the stars!




    Very touching..........good example for the disadvantaged.....there are good hearts out there to assist the needy.....but effort is the prerequisite......

  • Elizabeth Fischer

    This young lady is remarkable - such resilency! I am a volunteer reading tutor for five and six year olds who are living in families without homes. I pray that they develop the same resilency and tenancity, but wonder if it's innate? Dawn is simply inspiring, and will likely do remarkable good in the world.

  • Jenny

    What an inspiring story. I wish we could all look out for each other this way. I wish Dawn all the best for her future - given her attitude, she will go far.

  • Manu Bhatt

    Dawn's courage, no-quit attitude, always keeping the goal in mind and not playing the blame game - this is what inspires me. And what a great community! What a great team of teachers and Principal! Hats off!

  • Kirsten

    She didn't give up. I swa the Lifetime movie, very inspiring movie.

  • Deb

    Dawn, I am pastor of a mission church to the homeless in South Carolina. To watch this video humbles me. What a strong young person you are, and what a wonderful community surrounds you. I wish we had a way of identifying the Dawns out of all the thousands of folks seeking help. May you have every success during your college career and beyond.

  • UpbeatBrain

    Good for you, Dawn! I'm awed by your persistence and drive. You show us all what we can do if we just put our minds and bodies behind a dream.

  • Maheswar Satpathy

    I loved her courage and patience! It is simply inspiring...I am proud to have come from a similar or worse social and financial background and still being able to do something for myself and many others...great!

  • julian dsa

    The spirit to go on with all adverse conditions is just incredible.I wish all the best to all who go thorough such situations in Life.

  • lakshmi

    Dawn's fire in the belly, high motivation, focus on the goal, not playing the blame game and accepting her situation are inspriting attitude. She met with great obstacles and yet, moved forward. God helps those who help themselves. May God be with her always holding her hands and guiding. She practices "Be the Change".

  • Katarina

    What inspired me the most is that Dawn never quit. Despite all the challenges she faced, she stayed strong and kept moving on. It shows that no matter how bad your situation might be, you have to keep going no matter what, because things change, sometimes for the better

  • Diane

    I am glad the people saw her need & showed her the love she needed, amazing story

  • Jane

    Dawn is obviously a bright, resourceful, dedicated,and hard-working young lady who has overcome tremendous odds to succeed. I highly commend and am deeply touched by her community for becoming her family, housing her, and embracing her. Well done, Lawndale, NC, and well-done, Dawn, for believing in yourself, staying the course, and now you're going to Harvard. Thank you, Karma Tube. I love stories like this one.

  • Lori

    What an amazing girl! And what an amazing town and school. God bless Dawn and her life. He has great things planned for her. May God also bless these teachers and community that stepped up to the plate and became her family. I am inspired because itstead of feeling sorry for herself and bitter towards her parents she has chosen the higher path. Praying for you Dawn!

  • Brian

    Good news!!!

  • Vicky

    There are two things here..first the no quit attitude of Dawn..amazing..and then a community of love and support..way to go Lawndale... This is a perfect Unlimited Smileage story... http://www.unlimited-smileage.org

  • elijah

    the support from good people have helped people like her as we also work with many such people in chennai , india you could see more in ourwww.leed.in , more important is that to support the children by not sympathize with them but Empathize with them..

  • yogitony

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    To never give up, no matter what.

  • Anjana

    The positive outlook and determination of the young lady is truly commendable! The support from the community of course needs big applause.

  • Marcia

    amazing strength for a young girl and good to know that she lives in such a loving community!!! We all need to watch over one another :)

  • Reka

    Great story of strength and perseverance of a girl! All the best to her, she deserves all good things in life! I am sure one day she'll make this world a better place to live!

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