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Every child should have at least one teacher in their lifetime like Ms. Reifler. Meet an extraordinary educator that is giving children the most powerful lesson of all, self- worth. Her model of teaching is making a tremendous impact on the lives of her low-income, East Los Angeles students.


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  • Rooban kumar

    I am inspired all my subject teacher without teacher education is nothing

  • Joey

    I m a student i suppose education is the base of human development & personification without education a human being just like other animal

  • Donna Manning

    The children's change in their dreams! The reacher Ms. Reifler!

  • radha

    i am a teacher and want to make a positive impact on my students

  • Tatiana

    This is the type of program that all schools should focus on having. It only takes one good teacher and one child to start the domino effect! Amazing.

  • Lyn Lord

    Mrs. Reisler ability to stress how kids feel about themselves and her promotion of the climate of emotional safety is the most important part of what teachers can do. There is too much emphasis on content and kids being judged on their performance vs. who they are as people with hope and pride in who they are. I would bet everything I have on the fact that all her kids support each other. I am a teacher on medical leave and know from my professional and own child's experience that she is the type of person you want with your child.

  • Carla

    This is beautiful! I have the teaching thing back in my head...I also adore kids and I totally agree with this approach, that's what matters!! <3

  • Terry

    Mrs. Reifler inspired me to make good choices in my life and teach my grandkids to do the same, so their lives will have good outcomes. Also it is never too late to change, because none of us are perfect and we make mistakes. What matters is how we learn by our mistakes.

  • Anna

    I feel I also have a special gift~~~~ that gift is to inspire my students~~~ I am a Freshman teacher in cosmetology at Jolie Health and Beauty Academy ~~Wilkes Barre Pa. I have been teaching for over 30 years and can't even think about "retirement" I feel I have so much to share with the students ~~~ I will continue. Thank You, Miss Anna

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys...yup, it's all for the kids..."Good choices, good consequences"...reap and sow...however we put it...seeds of hope...So how does this philosophy "mind melt" with Corporate "Lean and Mean" strategy? Kids are not just future Household consumers, so the historical beast can build profit making markets to pillage!!!...Let's give power to the We Generation, they have the future in their hands....Keep believing in Love....it's timeless...peace...

  • Chandni

    This is beautiful =) Our thoughts are molded at that tender age and it is such a breath of fresh air for these children to be shown that they deserve a beautiful life and that love and kindness is what is important. How beautiful life would be if everyone grew up with these thoughts =) Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Reader

    This lady is teaching life philosophy, setting goals for life, positive attitude and motivation. Ethics classes like this have been cut from curriculums, along with art, music, P.E., etc. Because the govt spends all the money on bombs, bullets and tanks for foreign and domestic use. The government wants to create mindless workers, and non-thinking civil servants, soldiers, cops.

  • bev

    What inspired you about this video? One person did this...one

  • Charlene Howell

    Wow what a teacher! I wish I had had a teacher like that. Our society does not appreciate teachers only corporations. But a corporation would never do what she does. IT is time to change our world. We need more teachers like her. But we also need a society that puts education, health and its citizens welfare first not last.

  • Thomas M Howell

    Ms. Riefler showed us what right livelihood is all about. How it's not a job but a calling and these children are blessed with her holistic approach to teaching.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Her commitment to educating these children and all the ones that come after these.

  • Carole

    I know that kids need someone positive in their lives. One person can really help to change the outlook and life of a child. Fantastic! Ms. Reifler.

  • Barb

    WOW WOW WOW.............the truth inspired me. The whole person, and the context that that person lives in, MUST be addressed by us, the adults. Give them hope, knowledge, a way, kindness, good role modeling. Keep dreaming...........

  • Louise

    That is so inspiring to see these young people get the opportunity to give them confidence in themselves,what a caring and inspirational teacher they have in Ms. Reifler. Thank You Ms. Reifler

  • Michele

    What inspired you about this video? I work in a middle school and Ms. Reifler is right! What would it look like if every school provided education for the total human being. One person at a time, we can change education. I can only imagine...

  • Pratibha

    Fantastic, that's the way!! Would it be that all teachers could have and teach this type of attitude toward their life!

  • skydiver

    What is inspiring is that Ms. Reifler truly cares about our children---and the children feel this. It is one heart touching another heart: the love is palpable, beautiful, embracing, and healing. Kudos to YOU, Ms. Reifler. . .

  • Bob

    What is inspiring is the concept of the 'total human being' I think it's more important to be authentic than to 'become someone' In fact we are already 'someone'.

  • Pamela

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Love this woman who comes from the heart. I want to know more!

  • Yoosuf

    Wonderful message... I loved it...:)

  • tamilyn

    A beautiful soul with a unending mission ..xo

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  • Empower the children in your life. Remind them everyday how important they are to you, and how much you love & support them.

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