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Katie Salen believes play is one of the most fundamental human experiences, and a state of being that opens us up to learning in a unique way. The DePaul University professor speaks eloquently on the historical role of play as a "practice space" — a lab of sorts where humans hone their skills and gain confidence. In playful states of mind, we develop the freedom and creativity to explore the human spirit. Play no longer becomes just a childhood pastime, but a frame through which people can transform themselves, their relationships, and their environment. In this short video Salen invites us to re-imagine the education system and leverage the joyful power of play.


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  • Learn more about Professor Salen’s non-profit organization, the Institute of Play.
  • Find out how Playworks sends coaches to playgrounds across the country to assist underprivileged children with positive playtime during recess.
  • Take time to put a little play into your life! Tell a joke, settle a debate using Rock-paper-scissors, or gather together with a friend to play a board game.

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