Do you believe, or know someone who believes, that being a girl is unlucky? The belief perpetuates itself, until one person stands up and decides to do something about it. Melka was forced into marriage at age 14 and suffered the terrible consequences. Although uneducated, Melka has made it her mission to teach other girls to stand up to the heinous practice. This story is of Ethiopia, but it strikes a chord with so many who have experienced the same or seen someone else become a the practice continues across the globe. It is time to put an end to child marriage, and start educating and respecting women.


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  • Learn more about women's emancipation and watch other films on the same topic at Girl Rising or Girl Up.
  • Photographer Stephanie Sinclair and writer Cynthia Gorney explore child marriage in this National Geographic talk.
  • Do you know someone who was forced into child marriage? Talk to them now, and make them understand that they are free to make a different choice for their daughter. Not all traditions are worthy of being carried on generation after generation.

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