The power of thinking is demonstrated in this animated clip of a man meditating until a fly disturbs his peace. Only when he is oblivious to this seeming annoyance does he change his environment from a swarm of flies to the falling petals of a tree.


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  • mavis

    The very easy way in which the meditation lesson was conducted --.Beautiful! Thanks

  • Claudia Juarez

    Distractions in our life are like flies. More we can paid attention to distractions, more distractions can growth and keep away us for what is really important

  • Angel

    I played this to my 10 year old who is fascinated by warriors & swords etc... I asked that he grow up to be strong in the mind, body & spirit. He acknowledged how the warriors mind took him over & only when he stopped slaying the flies & allowed them to be..... he 'won' ~ Returned to peace :)

  • Maryann Barrow

    This video has given me inspiration to meditate. Perhaps one day I'll be able to ignore the fly and see only great beauty.

  • donal

    She is obscure as an octobers day when wind and rain are in harmony with grey skies and one fails to look beyond the obvious and see Autumns beauty painted on a maple tree it has the power to lift the heart momentarily like fallen leaves gusting towards the head-lights of a car at night, or a bright pink express lorry emerging from a hoary mist and one wonders why all vehicles are not painted this way she does not shine on a summers day nor among others does she feel at home but when wind and rain are in harmony with grey skies on some obscure octobers day lovely as the maple tree she stands alone.

  • Venkatesh


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