It is customary to make a wish on one's birthday. On her sixteenth birthday, nine months after being shot in the head in an assassination attempt by a Taliban gunman in northwest Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations Youth Assembly in New York with a wish for universal equality, universal opportunity, and universal education. Once targeted for death because of her outspoken advocacy for her own education and those of other Pashtun girls, she now speaks on behalf of women and children everywhere. Her message is one of fearlessness and hopefulness. It is an inspiring call to justice.


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  • Simran

    Happy birthday Malala..I was just reading your book and I came across the page where you had mentioned your birth you have turned sixteen..You are truly aspiring and keep up the good work..may God bless you.

  • Colleen

    Her courage shows US the way. Can we afford to let her down?

  • Syed Raza

    . Malala's voice is the intention of peace and courage. We need to hear her voice for change in the community where radical and fanatical ideology grows day by day. Malala's voice is about intellectual humility, when we care so much about knowing, understanding, and getting to the truth that we become oblivious of what we are "worth."

  • woody twiggs

    From the depths of human depravity and violenc, sometimes springs a beautiful flower that gives us hope that there is a future for mankind.Malala live forever.



  • Sis Asha

    This video needs to be broadcast in all schools all over the world. She will be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. My salutations to her ! We need more of her. If Sister Malala needs any help, I will extend both my hands for her. She will be instrumental in the changes that are to come for women and children of this world. Om Shanti !

  • Tina Watkins Young

    This video is and inspiration that as women or children we can make a change. Raise up and let our voice be heard. Malala is a brave teenager that addressed the many concerns and issues that has plagued our nation. This is why I wanted to be a social worker to be the voice for those who cannot speak or who are in fear of voicing their ideas, opinions and beliefs. Listening to her words have giving me the strength and purpose to fight harder with all my being to promote social justice for all humankind. I will not quit nor will I be silent. Thank you, Malala your voice was heard continue to fight the fight.I stand with you. Tina

  • Pat S

    Although Malala is only 16 years young, her message is one of wisdom, strength and courage. She is "one girl among many", but she found her voice and it counted...just like each and every one of us. Happy birthday Malala and many, many more!!

  • gopal reddy,M.D.

    God bless you MALALA. Long live your dream and yourself.We pray for these to come true. With best wishes. Gopal Reddy.

  • World-Citizen

    When the exalted figure of the Báb, aged just twenty-five, arose to deliver His revolutionizing message to the world, many among those who accepted and spread His teachings were young, even younger than the Báb Himself. Their heroism, immortalized in all its dazzling intensity in The Dawn-Breakers, will illumine the annals of human history for centuries to come. Thus began a pattern in which every generation of youth, drawing inspiration from the same divine impulse to cast the world anew, has seized the opportunity to contribute to the latest stage in the unfolding process that is to transform the life of humankind.

  • Pappu

    What a courage.. Another beautiful inspiring message about justice, about education . Wish her all the best

  • nicole

    I am grateful that her voice was not snuffed out. The winds of change are upon us and the children shall lead the way. Thank you Malala for being such an important instrument of that change.

  • Susan

    I am amazed by her knowledge--to include the models for her wishes in history and in the world today--her voice rings out like clarion bells.

  • Elizabeth

    I see our world in good hands with a young voice embued with ancient wisdom and timeless courage. I have shared this and encourage this voice to be heard and acted on. Wise Words with Inspired Action change the world. It begins with one child, one book, one pen and our world is changed.

  • Ted Jec

    Justice, Equality, Freedom and Liberty for All. It was moving to watch victim who refused to die. Thank you Karma Tube for this forum. I placed link to this video from my forum: By linking us all to the right cause we get stronger.

  • cecilia

    courage,with the strong belief in our one God,who's word is sacred. their are many books in all time's that have been written, showing his love for us all. living as one on this earth which he created for every person, and creature, with abiding grace, and forgiveness. Malala with the Strength you have,we are all with you on your journey.god bless you.

  • R.G.Acharya

    It was indeed 'Heartificial' not artificial.There was genuine concern for the cause in Malala's voice.I sincerely pray the Lord that she should succeed in her mission.

  • Gerardo Vergara

    Hers is a courage that must not be ignored by people seeking education and equality. I fully support her call.

  • Jatin Jani

    Confidence of Malala. Go ahead with mission

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  • Malala was an important change-maker well before the assassination attempt.  Consider her accomplishments and read the astonishing 2009 diary she wrote for the BBC.
  • Watch the 2009 NY Times documentary, "Class Dismissed," featuring Malala and her father, Ziauddin.
  • Be as brave in your pursuit of social justice as Malala, even in the smallest, most mundane of your interactions with others.

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